Open Ima

Sissy Streamer
I bet you can't wait to sleep with her.
How the times change 😜
Would you get it right?
Bathtime Treat
Doesn't looks gay to me, what do you think?
You should've known your friends would push things too far like that... Not that
Sissies are always up to the challenge 😛 You go, girl!
Caught and forced
You've always been terrible at tests...
Sissy X or Y of sorts
Choosing to go sissy full-time was a big decision, but so far, you have no regrets!
I mean...
Family disappointment
I just keep coming back..
Don't you want to be a good friend?
Would you help your horny roommate out after his gf breaks up with him?
Anything to help a friend
Ginger Public Service Announcement
Aaaaaand now you're addicted!
Accidents happen, right? It's not like you meant to go this deep, or make yourself
You just wanted to call him out for lying about how "amazing" his cock
Sweet dreams!
The Sissy Discount
Yeah... you'll be fine...
Winning a Bet - Pro Sissy way
So true
It was a small mistake..
You should be a more gracious winner
Would you?
Would you be interested in the job?
Change of taste
Good Question
Sissy's Reverse Psychological Therapy
How I spent the Lockdown
You might have a gambling problem
Do you go to school?
I'm such a pushover
Daddy Promised
What's your answer ? 🙂😉
Would you let a stranger drain his balls in your ass?
Sissy Devil
How the times change V2
Soon to be Sissy Aunt
Hmm.. sounds like you knew what you were doing
A conversation between you and your gf after you met her ex 🙂😉
Caught Watching Hypno - SissyRPM - 1
Dumb Virgin Sissy
No need to lie
National Boipussy Association
One little taste won't change anything, right?
No turning back
We all need to make sacrifices in the coming weeks
You aren't gay...
Daddy is going to bully you into enjoying his cock~
Do you even care about the blowjobs anymore?
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