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[Self] I'm a redhead and I plan on being the first short-haired doctor on the Red
Contrary to what I was warned, I feel damn feminine. [self]
After 3 years, I went for the chop again
[Self] Only 4 days out from my competition. Proud to be representing team USA!
Brushing my hair less than once a week is pretty great
After 28 years of hiding my ears, I finally went full pixie! Couldn’t be happier.
[self] the shortest it's ever been! thoughts?
Goodnight from Australia
[Self] Finally cut my hair after 7 years of friends, family, and (ex) boyfriends
[Self] A friend suggested I post here. I'm a bundle of nerves 🐝
I love clothes that make me feel good about myself! Hope your day is going well (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
90's wrestling referee vibes in work. Where's the Undertaker at?
Got tired of trying to manage my frizzy, unruly, ginger hair. Best decision ever!
Been trying to take more selfies and just found this awesome place to share some
My New Years Eve look 🌃🎆
When my hair started falling out, my self esteem took a major hit. Today, I reclaimed
It's hard to be super confident in myself but I actually felt sorta great for once
[Self] Ive had this cut for about 2 months now :O
Was told I should post here.. thanks for having me!
I cut my hair short again :) [SELF]
Shortest I've gone in years. But it's a welcome change.
My wife got to play a wedding at an aquarium. She had a fan.
Goodmorning, everyone! Idk if you feel the same, but it's so uncomfortable taking
Any soft spots for long-legged pixies?
I never thought that Comic Con would be the main driver for chopping all my hair
I'm always glad when I cut it off, no matter how many months of growth I've invested.
Short hair makes hot weather way more comfy. So happy I made The Big Chop!
Finally did it!
Was told to post here as I have a bob...thought you'd like an 2016 photo of me with
My girlfriend's new haircut
Finally got the chop after contemplating for two years! Couldn't be happier!
When you're a shortie so you gotta stand on top of the loo to take a full body picture
I couldn’t decide which photo to post, look out tomorrow
Celebrated my 22nd bday on the Hudson
Finally cut my hairs short again after 2 years
Happy to say I've gone completely makeup free!
Bored at work. Can't wait for my last **ever** day tomorrow!
My hair is now at the length where every day is a good hair day
[Self] Took the plunge today and cut it all off! Hope I made the right decision.
I like this one a lot, I can’t wait until it’s warm enough to wear crop tops
[Self] New bangs and new style! A whole new cute me
We don't always have awful weather in England! 🔥
Why’s this sub so nice to me?! I might start posting here regularly :)
Goooood mooorning 😏😊
A little androgynous but I decided to channel my outer Hades.
I tend not to smile in pictures 'cause my teeth are crooked and my eyes squint up,
Couldn't decide on which one to post so enjoy both :)
Hello, can I interest you in my short haired Samus?
Plaid always makes me feel cute. Thanks for looking!
[self] 10 months of growth
Been feelin’ pretty good lately. How are you guys? :)
Not bad for 7:30am this morning!
[Self] No such thing as too short on the sides, right?
Feelin like an alternative Tinkerbell
Need to re-dye my hair soon. I'm thinking a steely grey!
Got a new outfit, feelsgoodman (the label was left on in case it didn’t fit)
Howdy! Second post here, but this time with some makeup and sans filter.
It's Throwback Thursday right? 😋
The end of a rough day. At least my hair cooperated with me though.
We aren’t allowed to wear shorts in work despite being in the middle of a two week
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