Open Ima

Ever fucked an Asian nurse? I’ll be your first
We’re in it [f]or the long haul!
Hope my blue scrubs can help cure your Monday Blue’s 💙
Start your morning with some cake, doctors orders 😉
Bout to be one of those days...lets do this!
I think the back pain is worth the stares i get
You don’t have to fantasize about what’s under my scrubs
Just my (f)at ass in scrubs, what more could you want?
Full time CNA, Part time helpful fox.
Today is my first day giving out vaccines! Wish me luck ☺️!
May or may not have gone to work wearing this under my scrubs today
(OC) Peasant CNA here 👋
A slow day😊
When I’m your nurse = Booty duty
If you were my coworker, I’d let you bend me over between shifts 💕
I have a feeling it’s going to be a GREAT day 😊
As a Nurse I have the best bedside manner
Health care workers are secretly freaks
Really curious to see how many guys here would actually cum in me
Ready for your appointment ?
What the patients don’t see..
To be honest, all I want is to be fucked hard after my 12 hour shift
I’m addicted to playing at work
Sorry.. I’m too tired to stand up for a nude after today 😅 hope you still enjoy
Fuck me after my shift?
Scrubs and gloves... is it a good look?
what others see vs what reddit sees 😉
Oh, is my ass distracting you?
This booty is bound to cause a few heart palpitations today
The sexy thing about scrubs is you never know what I'm hiding underneath, hahaha!
They gave us these signs specifically for NURSES week 👌🏻 so I thought I’d
They're not big, but the boobies are pretty dang firm and quite fun to drop
Employee of the month kinda stuff
I was told you guys equally love a scrubs on/off, hope you’re all ok with seeing
Would you have thought that this is what I look like under the scrubs??
I'm the nurse that will take care of you in the ER if your erection lasts more than
First time showing off my pussy in this sub, please be nice 😘
With me it's always Titty Tuesday 😏
You have some localised swelling I can help you with 😏
I took this nude in the break room, don’t let it flop!(; [f]
Have you ever wanted to fuck a healthcare worker?
If you’re sorting by new, my cheeks are for you
Is there really any day that I shouldn’t post a picture of my tits? Probably not
If only my coworkers knew what was under these scrubs... 😈
I’ve made a couple of posts in work gone wild.. but I have a feeling you guys might
Peek under my scrubs 😉
2020 has been shitty... here's my booty
Assential worker 🍑
Working hard but I always have time for a little flash for you 😍
Do you think my patients fantasize about what’s under my scrubs?
[f] I'm curious, tits or ass? 🤔
Just taking some selfies before an overtime shift 😘
You know Nurses are busy...hurry before someone comes into the break room!
Which hole would you prefer?
I always wonder how my coworkers or patients would react if they saw my nudes 🤔
Don't know if I love hiding this bra under my scrubs or showing it off more...🙊
I’m the nurse that loves to wear crotchless lingerie under her scrubs ☺️
My pussy barely showing 😆 [Oc]
i figured you'd wanna see the front too 😉
assential worker 🤗
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