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RedGIFs Links On Reddit (see comment)
Announcement #1- The future of πŸŽ‰
Announcement #2- Hi guys, we can’t wait to get started πŸ‘‹
Why is redgifs so consistently and aggravatingly slow?
Don’t look away
Redgifs is so slow im starting to feel like im back on dial-up.
Can we get any sort of meaningful update on the general performance issues?
Sooooooo sloooooow
RedGifs is an unacceptably slow alternative at the moment.
Is RedGifs slow for anyone else or is it just me?
The performance of Redgifs is awful. Don't tell me it's the same as Gfycat-- it's
Redgifs doesn't display GIFs on profile. Instead shows black box instead of loading.
Welcome to!
RedGIFs Official Subreddits are here πŸŽ‰
Content Creator Verification goes live today!
Videos do not appear or black thumbnails
RedGIFs is now registered with the Cyber Tipline from The National Center for Missing
Any word on the site working properly for all users?
How to view the "blank" RedGifs
First step to improve Tag and Search functionality is now live. We now have a predetermined
So RedGifs cant take any honest criticism
Better to assume redgifs is unstable/unreliable?
Broken Gifs/Black Screen
Reminder that for RedGIFs to embed properly in to Reddit you need to remove the category/ies
Anyone else still stuck on encoding?
RedGifs links not autoplaying on PC nor reddit mobile app. Please help, fam. What
As of right now, Redgifs is unusable for new uploads. I've now tried uploading a
Push to improve and ensure great RedGIFs performance on 3rd Party Reddit Apps
Gifs not auto playing when linked
New Transcoder is Live. Users should see improvements to Speed and reliability of
Volume slider option?
Any Updates | News or we should just move on?
Update from RedGIFs and an overview of our plans for early 2021
Hate that they did this
Gifs not showing up again.
Gif not posting properly to Reddit
Update on CDN Migration- 26/11/2020
Next step in improving Tag and Search functionality is now live. Users can request
We have Fixed the issue that prevented users from creating GIFs directly from Tube
Information on how we create RedGIFs (Includes: optimum upload details, news on the
purpose of this sub
i am starting to see some new gifs on front page. Also Search option is giving more
We are currently experiencing issues. The site maybe down for some users. We are
I've had much better luck today!
Post migration issues
Why is Redgifs so slow these days?
I made a Tutorial on how to make & post a NSFW gif on reddit using
Painfully slow loading times
Really missing the autoplay that Gfycat did
Where can I report state of barely working of gifs?
Working on issues
On-site advertisement Update - 26/11/2020
Don't know if this question belongs here, but maybe someone can help me!
Gifs I can download won't download properly
RedGIFs fixed for Discord. RedGIFs links now display in playable frames within the
Currently experiencing issues creating GIFs. Backblaze (our storage providers) are
Now I can't create gifs at all.
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