Open Ima

Do I have a nice cock?
Be honest (19)
[25M] I'm in a near-permanent state of horny without many opportunities to fuck anyone;
(19) blow up my phone with ratings all day while i’m at work (:
19 college twink
22 Florida. Whatcha think?
24 y/o.. rate? 😉
19 USA
Stop scrolling, rate my dick!
Hopefully the curve helps🥰
Please don’t up unless you would suck my 19 y/o cock
A dick pic with a view 😛
Mid-day jerk
Would you ride this cock?
Like it?
20 year old virgin, is my girth scary?
I know what I think, but what do YOU think? all on 6’4, 180lb stud.
Hopefully someone will like this
Can this Scotsman get a like? x
Rock hard
Are y'all ok with foreskin here?
Forearm for scale?
Would you wanna gag on ittt or ride it🤤😈... would you take it all? Tell me
Any good? (18)
Is it too big?
Is it okay I’m soft?
Recently circumcised. I was very anxious about how will it look. What do you think?
Would you suck it?
[24M] Haven't had many chances to use it, how's my cock?
Good morning 🌞
First post
honest rate for a 20y/o
Thick and juicy (;
Rate my morning wood
My wife heard I had a big dick before we were together.. safe to say she’s obsessed
Maybe some of you like a curve💁🏼‍♂️
Rate an Aussie cock
Rate me boys 😈
I was told to post here, so what’s the verdict?
You like my 24y old cock?
Long & uncut . Honest answers only
Pizza hut
Are trans girls allowed here?
posting this for some karma on my burner account lol, anyway, you guys like my dick?
Working home
Rate it From 1 to 10 ❤️ and like if you like it lol
What do you think??
Rate us 😈
[18] I hope more than 10 people see this
Rate me😈😈
Did it at least make you stop scrolling? 😄
Tell me what you really think 😈
(19) Quarntine Fun
What do you think?
Any takers? (19 m)
25 and still Virgins. But I am getting more confident thanks to you guys and girls
[18M] today’s my birthday, so I’m officially allowed to post nudes. let’s start
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