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Just finished my Magic Mirror build finally!
Our Uber driver had a Raspberry Pi running RetroPie in his car. 5 stars.
Wall clock I'm working on, first test with 3 digitals
Made my first mirror. Gonna grab an echo dot and add voice functionality. Does anyone
I made my girlfriend a smart mirror for her birthday.
We've just finished our Raspberry Pi Workshop for Beginners - 30 Videos - Completely
I've finally finished making my own magic mirror!
I made a Mac pro with some pi
I was building this for my girlfriend as a Christmas gift this year. She dumped me
"Why do you stare at your mints all day?"
My 3 year old daughter just spent 15 minutes asking me about every single component.
My 4 year old has been repeatedly asking me how a computer works, so tonight we built
Raspberry Pi store Cambridge. First time seeing a Raspberry Pi store!
Raspberry Pi Emergency- and Recovery-Kit
The struggle is real....
Netflix flew me to the Stranger Things 2 premier for my reddit raspberry pi project!
Clock prototype I’m working on
My first project at 19 years old, took me about 4 months to code and design from
My take on Pi PC Game Streaming
I made Twitter powered Christmas lights! Any time someone tweets with #Christmas,
I spy a raspberry pi driving this ...
I, too, built a magic mirror.
My noise sensor sends visual alerts for the deaf!
Pixel art of Raspberry Pi by Retronator
I made a mini pen drawing machine out of RPI zero w and cd-roms
I built an automatic water dispenser to fill my water bottles to their exact dimensions
In the cookbooks section
Homeless man built camera using recycled parts to keep police accountable during
E-ink clock
My own cabinet I made out of an old dresser.
Apparently they sell these at Target.
Raspberry Pi 4: your new $35 computer - OUT NOW
I made a Radio Time Machine that covers 100 years (10 decades) of music, from the
World’s Smallest Pi Gaming PC!
First project! Installed LED strip + motion sensor on my stairs. (Sorry for vid quality)
After some RFID, python and HID emulation later, I have my very own key card system
Years ago I needed to prop a camera Pi up on a tripod. The 1/4-20-thread-to-USB-A-Male
I present to you... the worlds coolest Raspberry Pi!
A vending machine that dispenses an unusual flavor of Pi
Penplotter, Raspberry Pi and HPGL - Video (as requested)
My Boston Dynamics inspired balancing robot.
He found one of my raspberry pi/Arduino kits and asked me about each part and what
I heard you like magic mirror builds
My Custom 3D Printed Desktop-Pi.
How I label my SD cards
My friends and I made a hands-free robotic grilled cheese maker! Pi powered comfort
After procrastinating for years I finally built a MagicMirror too
i found this painting in my neighbor's trash
Found his plugged into my Pi at work randomly, anyone know what it is?
My first project
Been working on this LED matrix display project for a little while and it's finally
Worlds Smallest iMac! (Pi powered)
Got jealous of my wife's new car, needed to upgrade mine
The worst Raspberry Pi case ever made!
3D scanned a Raspberry Pi with ... my DIY Raspberry Pi 3d scanner
Started working for the Raspberry Pi Foundation and they gave me this awesome USB
This RasPi Smart Mirror has been my covid project
Live reddit karma viewer
Waldo finding machine
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