Open Ima

I don’t know who will see this. I don’t know if anyone will see this. All I know
yesterday i ate a burrito, today (click for perfect replica)
Airborne log
Not everybody appreciates poop humor.  Or poop pictures. (NSFW)
Found this at school
my shoe size is 11 for size comparison
I'd give my turd an 8 out of 10
Me after seeing this subreddit:
Estimated 3+ unbroken feet
Thought this belonged here (xpost WTF)
2 footer. Just barely fit.
Saw this at a public park
I pooped in the office and got away with it.
My shit looks like an up vote!
After 2 “shitty” weeks, I used an enema and birthed this thing. **Throwaway account
Found this atrocity at work
I have parcopresis (AKA "Shy Bowel Syndrome"). After a three day trip of
What the fuck
My friend after being constipated for 5 days. Yeah I know.
I’ll take my award now thank you
Taco Bell + Milkshake + half gallon of milk + 6 turkey and cheese sandwiches = whole
There is a large anused male at our school known only as the Big Shit Bandit, this
Found while cleaning at the Highschool😳
Dropped this monster of a deuce today
how far in there is it?
I work at subway because I be making these foot longs
And the world record for the longest shit goes to...
My girlfriend sent me this monster
The half-green goblin.
This always comes in handy for classifying the density of poops.
It's true..
I had a cough and fever so I was prescribed panadol and codeine by the doctor. Suddenly
6 days on my low carb ‘tummy toner’ diet and this horrid thing came out. Now
Girls poops are prettier ♡ My morning poop 😌
They said it couldn’t be done
Number 2
This was at my school
Now I know why the whole floor smelled
It just wouldn’t stop
So my girlfriend nonchalantly texts me that theres an ogre shit in the girls bathroom
with great achievement comes great sacrifice
I think this belongs here (xpost from wtf)
When you have to go so bad that you gotta use a porta-potty... I haven’t gone for
Didn't feel all that impressive when taking the dump, but to my surprise... A 360
One solid masterpiece
Holy Shit 🙏
Poop Bubble!
Measured one of my thickest! Oooh! Butt a little sore.
Pleasure meeting you, good guy poop
Took a fat shit
Felt great coming out :)
Top 5 most relieving moments of my life.
Is this a world record poop?
Horrified and amazed at what I pushed out after 3.5 days. One foot long and shocking
One of those soul cleansing shits
Oh Jesus! 😭😭😭 Broke my width record and my butthole!
This beauty came out in one smooth 10 second push. Most satisfying shit of the week.
I have a wonderful girlfriend
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