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F18/5'5"/125lbs. I'm starting to gain more self-confidence but still cannot
[F] 26, 135lbs, 5'4" - Finally starting to not hate my thighs!
F/19/5’4/125 lbs A surge of confidence and internet anonymity has made me want
40F 5’2” 115 These are my breasts a few years after a double mastectomy and reconstruction.
F[20] 5'7 and 124 lbs
Here is my natural self right out the shower🥰
[F] 18, 5’6”, not sure on my weight. I’ve always been very skinny so my ribs
F 33 138 5'5 I've never posted a picture of my burn scars before
F 29 5’8” This is me saying screw it and this is who I am. My chest is small,
19 F Always felt a bit weird since I'm 6'0" but putting more effort to look
[F] 60, 140lbs, 5’6 - Life is a journey to be lived, sometimes you just have to
The harsh light isn't doing me any favors but here I am. F / 21 / 165 cm / 55kg
I finally got around the that mastectomy tattoo, and this is the most confident I’ve
(5,7 140ish 22F) I was told by a friend yesterday that "roast beef vaginas are
F, 22, 160 lbs, 5' 3". This is how I look from below! I'm nervous to post this,
It’s crazy how I wouldn’t have dared to post such pictures a month ago, completely
38F/5'5"/137lbs. I've been called "thick" a lot and tbh I have mixed
My vulva is so much darker than the neat, small, colorless/light ones that get hundreds
F/5’8/23 This is rlly hard to post. I usually recycle pics from when I was 25lbs
26F, 5' 11", 195 lbs. Currently in the middle of a divorce from my husband of
F/24/5'2"/110 lbs Recently lost 25 lbs and learning to like my body
Natural mom body. Trying to be ok with my breasts which are far from perfect after
5’7” 120lbs I’ve always been so insecure about my broad shoulders and hip-dips.
31F/170cm/62kg. Feeling confident enough now to give this a shot.
[25F, 5'4 115 lbs] Growing up, I was always criticized for being either too skinny
22F, 5'5, 151lbs - trying to be comfortable in the skin I'm in
(F, 20, 50, 160) I’ve always been too shy to post, but I’m finally doing it now.
I [22F] am at an all-time high weight [5’3”, 150lbs]. I’ve always been insecure
F25 5'4 125lbs Haven't dated/been with anyone for a long (long) time, thought I'd
[F] 23, 123lbs, 5’4. I found this sub the other day and found that this is a very
[F, 31, 115lbs, 5'0] This body has survived so much- having a baby, escaping abuse,
This sub is quickly becoming my favorite thanks to all you welcoming people 😊
[F] 36, 178, 5’8”...Feeling discouraged this morning by all the “mom/milf”
I love running, but I sometimes return to my old mindset of thinking I’m too muscular
[21 F, 5’7ish, 150?] I’m okay with my body sometimes, but I feel like my boobs
[26 5’8 158lbs] Been overweight all my life, almost actually have it under control
I'm currently recovering from anorexia, gaining weight was a very difficult and slow
What breasts look like when lying down on your side. 18F, 163 (5’4), 63 kg (138
F 21, 180lbs, 5'6". I've always been insecure about my weight because the people
[20F, 180 lbs, 5’8] My first nude!
21 F what do you think?
F19 | 1,70m | 61KG. I've always been self conscious about my saggy boobs but it's
18F, 5'2'', 110 lbs, First time posting on Reddit. I've been feeling so good about
19F, 180lbs, having a really hard time looking at myself right now. everyone on this
hi! 24F! 5’4” ish/115 just wanted to share 😌
F/19/125 lbs Wanted to show how I look sitting down. Especially how my thighs normally
My body might not be perfect, but it's mine ♥️
[F] 39, 105 lbs, 5’6” - After 3 kids, trying to build confidence
[F] 18, 55kg, 168cm - trying to be more okay with my boobs and maybe posting here
Been a little bit since I posted here. Hope you’re all doing well. [oc][f][32,
45F, 125 pounds, 5'5. I know there's not many older women on here, but I you don't
25 F, 155cm, 55kg. Full nude all natural.
27F / 125 lbs / 5’2” Not sure why, but I have a hard time viewing myself as attractive
35/F/5'5/115lbs ~ My puffy nipples are one of my bigger insecurities. I sometimes
F27, 5’8”, 130(?) COVID’s been wreaking havoc on my mental health these days.
F, 22, 230, 5’2 starting to love and accept my chubby body! 🥰
26F/127lb/5”10 Not feeling that confident about my body today but posting this
[F] 60, 140lbs, 5’6 - The feedback on my first photo gave me the confidence to
26–5’2”—130 Covid and depression have brought me to my highest weight and
[F 21, 118lbs, 5’2] I’ve been having such a positive view on my body lately ❤️
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