Open Ima

Military recruit saved after dropping live grenade at his feet
Jenga player makes the ultimate move
Pilot landing a jet without landing gear
Never Give up
I was thinking "what a shitty corner....", but then...
That's was close
Nice dance moves
Two People Handling a Potentially Deadly Near Miss in the Most Civilized Way
So close...wait
No way! .... What?!
Don't mess with big cats
Employee catches two elderly men about to fall back on an escalator.
Save of the year nominee
No way. Not gonna make it.
My birb likes to keep his wings tucked in...
Don't hurt him!!! Oh, nevermind.
God damnit, guys
Football player saved by other player
I didn't think they'd get it
Nice Save
Man jumps through car window to try stopping it before it hits the houses
A real police report from my local news in Western Australia
The Last Elk
Nerves of steel
Just kidding
Sweet victory
Dog eating chicken
This is teamwork
never give up.
How much will this cost?
Sounds like a bad idea, but we're in.
Never surrender!
Prior convict stops robbery before it happens.
almost impaled himself
Seal narrowly escapes killer whale
Slow start, strong finish
I don't give a duck
Cute discouraged bowler
Optimus Prime has some amazing brakes
Finally he done it
Keeping cool in a hot situation
Shark Tank pitch did not go as expected
This boat is going fast!
Driver reacts calmly to a tight situation
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