Open Ima

True love
Can you last?
Release Day feels so good this year [Chastity] [Feminization][Blackmail]
Will you? 🤓💦
⚠️ ⚠️ (A completely fair deal)
Internet dating
It’s okay to cry
Bigger cock
Should have picked a better hiding place.
Birthday Blues
She's had her eye on you a while now...
An All Time Favorite
How long before you choose to cum?
Pretty misleading of your roommates. But they have the key.
Leaving It Up to Others
Boys to be locked, girls to be licked!
You're panicking, but at the same time your cage is straining.
Little trickery
Click the lock and you've lost all bargaining power.
A new categorisation.
Over and over
The waitress help.
Success guaranteed!
Two girlfriends
I am not going to unlock you anyway, so don't worry about this babe.
A toy gets a toy
Were you throbbing in your cage the whole time too?
Size queen
Not the threesome you dreamed of
Yes mistress
Merry Christmas darling!
HSC Amber by Kamitora
Did he really make it
She's going to make this take hours.
Cum like a girl
She's got a point.
Passed around like an object.
Take a Breather
What do I get?
Such a generous offer
Your girlfriend always comes up with the cruelest dilemmas.
Decisions decisions...
You follow this rule already right?
Acquiring herself two chastity slaves for the price of one
Love any feedback :)
A fair climbing bet
Honeymoon Choices
Long session
Was it worth it?
Seven Stages of Chastity
A cruel game
Seems like you failed the test
Good enough for her
Humbler boy...
She wants to keep things nice and clean.
Shoutout to my fan who made this 💎
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