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Now you can cook on it
Just got my first iPhone for Christmas!
Apple CarPlay volume control UI
Wait I’ve seen this one before
How rotation lock should be
Finally got my first pair of AirPods!
A lil humor on a Monday
Let's appreciate Apple for making distinctive and instantly recognizable app icons
It do be like that though
Friend turned on his phone for the first time in a while and this happened
The best iOS feature
iPhone X-ray
Stole it from apple
Here is the new iPhone Lineup.
New Vs Old packaging
Turned my old and slow iPhone 4 into fast ultra minimalistic feature phone
Redesigned Volume Control Confirmed!!
We have come full circle.
Using FaceId to unlock my phone when it’s sitting on my desk.
This feature is so underrated
My concept for a new volume UI for iOS
How the volume HUD should be
I would have preferred this approach with the iPhone X.
Christmas present me and my brother made for our dad showcasing the first iPhone
After less than a month of sporadic use with my iPhone 7, the dongle is already tearing.
I did a thing with Live Photo
That’s a nice iOS you got there
The Evolution of Earbuds
I will defend apple for a lot of things, but charging £45 for a basic clear case
No offense to Android users, but I thought this was funny.
A year ago my iPhone 6 was stolen, then a week ago I won at the office raffle.
When Face ID worked perfectly, and when it failed
What happens when you mismatch AirPods
Hmmm 🤔 interesting
My iPhone 12 Pro case came without speaker holes. Apple Advisor said that it shouldn't,
These are all Space Gray
Apple Glass...2021 could be a revolutionary year for the tech industry... Video Credit
Easiest way to save $159
No update will ever beat iOS 6 to iOS 7
I felt the back of the new phones should match iOS 11.
The good old days.
Apple support getting all gooey on me.
Kuo: iPhone 12 Models Won't Include Charger in Box, 20W Power Adapter to Launch as
This is pretty incredible
I'm posting this from Android
Evolution of Apple Earphones.
I fixed iOS 13's new volume indicator to be more in line with Apple's design philosophies
History of the iPhone 2007-2018
After 50+ days I FINALLY found my final Christmas present!
iOS 11.2.1: Now predicting texts
Love my new iPhone 12 pro , quality is amazing
I love apple
A Young George Floyd sleeping in his mother’s arms. We, the r/iPhone community,
Fantastic idea.
Im impressed with iPhone 12 Pro night mode time-lapse. Wow!
I remember being so upset that I had a android at the time iOS 7 came out lol
Blast from the past
r/iphone starter pack
Dear app developers, this is not an acceptable ad, this is grounds for an uninstall.
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