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My Nickname in High School was Lard Ass and I've been over 220 pounds since 5th grade.
One year and 182 pounds down! [F - 29 - SW: 474 - CW: 292 - IF 18:6]
I know its not alot but ive lost 41 pounds since april 15th, 2019 (321 lbs) vs. January
205lbs lost since June of 2018. Proper human diet and IF.
I'd rather carry around these extra 100 lbs
No junk food, healthy diet and my regular workout regimen( 1 year)
Posted face gains yesterday, you guys gave me the confidence to post my (fully clothed)
15 months, 140 pounds.
Update - down 120 lbs...feeling great!
August 2018 to August 2019 to today: 145lbs down and officially under 200lbs for
RIP to my boobs, but hello to my future 💕
It's been exactly 365 days since my friend took the picture that made me decide to
2020 will be a different year!! First day of the diet, I will post pictures during
A year ago I couldn't get these buttoned. Down 120 pounds, 120 to go.
7 Months, 7 pants sizes down! Even us middle-aged fogies can get it done!
2 Years later and I am near the end of my journey! Going in for surgery at the end
Down 50 lbs since my daughter last asked me if I was pregnant, ha!
Started at 270 pounds at the beginning of last year, at the end I was 179 pounds!
5’2 SW 135lbs(ish?) to 116lbs in 4 months!
Eight months and 43 pounds down!
From 320 in January of 2019 to 185 in January of 2020! I still have a long way to
As you guys can see, I am a paraplegic and I know it's not much of a transformation.
An additional before and after photo I wanted to share from my previous weight loss
Intermittent fasting help me lose 200 pounds and reverse type 2 diabetes
My mom said I was big boned, my classmates said I was a beached whale. I am 27 and
F/41/5’5” down 175 lbs from Feb 2019 using IF (ADF & 16:8), keto. Maintaining
4 months, 30lbs
Too nervous to show people I know, so you all get to see the results of my first
4 Months Later and I can finally see a difference 67lbs/30.3907kgs down
22/F/5’9” [248lbs -> 184lbs = 64lbs lost] January 2019 to August 2019
Hit the 160s for the first time in years
Posting something a bit different than most of the posts on this subreddit..... The
It’s freezing cold winter in Canada but I won’t put away my crop tops now that
80 lbs down, not very dramatic when you’re 350+ but it was still a lot of work.
3 years of IF 16:8 , lots of cardio, and learning how to accept yourself once you’re
2018 Christmas VS 2019 Christmas. 80 pounds gone between the two!
[F26] 1 year and 41 pounds later! SW: 161 CW: 120 H: 5'3"; First 20lbs dropped
Some Monday motivation for those who need it. February 2018 (315lbs) versus July
19F/5’6 Started at 205, hit my lowest of 156.4 today after 3 months of a plateau
M/30/5”8 SW: 450 CW: 259 GW: 215
lost 40 pounds and got my face back. (OMAD on workdays, 16:8 on days off)
One month since the gyms closed - Keep your head down and goals in sight. 38/430>215lbs
I’ve dreamt of this moment for the past two years and never thought I’d get to
11 months of intermittent fasting.....120 lbs lost
So happy with my new face! I can’t wait to see how else my body will change through
The results of me doing intermittent fasting for 1 year. 100lb difference between
Down 130 pounds.
We don't have a full length mirror at home so seeing myself in one in the office
*NEWBIE* I am 31 days in on my journey doing 16:8 a fellow IF inspired me from a
-44lbs between these two photos. It’s been a hard journey but I couldn’t be anymore
Yesterday marked exactly 2 years since I started my journey. Recently I gained 40
First 20 pounds down. About 100 more to go!
Tried on my old clothes after losing 220 lbs! (2018 vs 2019 comparison)
123lbs down with intermittent fasting, tracking my calories and moving my body, my
1 year and 50 pounds down doing 16:8 ☺️
Finally achieved my goal of losing 100 pounds! Such a great feeling finally, so glad
Here’s some Monday Motivation! (2018 vs 2019 progress)
Update - down 110 lbs in less than a year. IF works!
She did weight watchers, I fasted. Combined loss of 95 lbs.
This made me laugh
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