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The kind of messages I love sending hubby’s friends...
Sent this to my husband, he thinks I’m working a night shift ooopppsss πŸ’¦ dm
BF asked me, so I sent this to his friend [20]
Wait till the end πŸ™ˆ
The first time my current girlfriend made me cuck, she was drunk at a party with
Couples should always make time for date nights...
At a Beach Vacation (Hotwife Challenge)
Another message my BF received from his friend and I [21]
Couch Surfer (part 1)
BF's friend sent this snap of me to one of their boys groupchats πŸ˜…πŸ˜‡
My BF's friends like it when I visit ;) [21]
I sent this to my boyfriend last night
Hubby was sooooo happy
As requested, the text exchange from Girls Night 😘
My bf had me send this to his cousin...
She’s giving her boyfriend a headstart impregnating her
My boyfriend definitely noticed...
Something tells me my bf won't mind...
Slippery Slope: "Staging" Pics for a Friend
I love giving my BF's friends head 🀀
Couch Surfer (part 2)
Before there were text messages... hot girlfriend from 1940s
Sexting a friends husband...
I give hubby the best surprises
Sent this to my hubby last night 😈
The Birthday Scavenger Hunt
I love her
9 hotwife-themed "Choose Your Own Adventures" which are just like texting
When hubby wants to watch football, I go out on tinder ☺️
I sent this to my husbands friend while he was working... It didn't take him long
Getting Attention (Meghan Pt. 1)
BF got this message from his friends comparing notes ;)
He was inside me 20 mins later...
Sunshine, yoga pants and someone else's GF...
After 2 years of fantasy my gf sent me this on a night out
My wife left to go have a threesome without me. At the end of the night, she texted
My slut girlfriend gave a blowjob to a guy from the gym (multiple images, slide)
My wife stayed at a friends house last night - this was our conversation this morning
Would you notice the difference?
An Innocent Photo Session
At a Happy Hour
Hubby loves leaving me with his friends... and the snaps that follow
Been sending a lot of messages like this to my BF's friends recently
Another one I sent to my BF's friend [20]
My boyfriend is very proud of me 😊
My boyfriend loves opening my snaps when he's at work...
Told wife that if she ever felt the urge to fuck someone she should tell me then
Providing relief [short]
A Two Way Street (part 1)
I love sending updates like this πŸ’¦
I got my current girlfriend to fuck my first high school "bull" ... (Multiple
My bull loves using my throat as a fleshlight...
The Wedding Photographer
Stepping outside of my comfort zone...
My wife is at a house party with some friends.
Late Night Bet
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