Open Ima

I went down on my cousin during quarantine. [MF]
[F] I'm a flat-chested girl. Yesterday I went for a topless run.
I [M] was the "house boy" for a house of sorority girls [F]
I [f]ace-fucked [m]y 20-year old tenant after she wrecked my wall
Someone paid me to fuck my lifelong best friend [MF]
[M] I took my girlfriend's sister's virginity at both their requests.
Six Close Friends in a Dark Closet [Group]
I (21[F]) have been getting railed by my brother law (30[M]) for the last year, and
I [f] took my best friend's [m] virginity after making him cum in his pants in front
[MF] Got tired of edging myself [F] so I begged my roommate [M] to fuck me.
I [F] fucked my roommate [F] with a strap-on to help her get over her boyfriend [FF]
Pushing inside my boss with her dress on [MF]
[MF] Due to a birth defect, my honey pot has always been tighter than normal. This
Me [F] and my roommate [F] pretended to be sisters to mess with a guy and ended up
[MFM] Tied up and fucked by a stranger (with pics and videos!)
Confessions of a [M] private chef
[FF] My roommate (21) and I (20) have an open-masturbation policy in our dorm
In college, I (F) let my all-male friend [Group] use me as a fucktoy
[MF] a girl baited me into looking through the photos on her phone, and I saw the
[FF] My housemate just fingered the hell out of me in our kitchen...
[M]ight have [F]ucked my roommate while in quarantine
I [M] was the "house boy" for a house of sorority girls [F] (part 2)
[FM] When I was penetrated onstage in front of an unsuspecting audience (with extra
I [f]ace-fucked [m]y 20-year old tenant after she wrecked my wall - part 2
The time I [M]asturbated with and then [F]ucked my best friend.
I [M] Just got my hair cut, and so much more, from the cute young hairdresser [F]
[M]y girl[F]riend wants me to [F]uck her sister.
Fucked my best friend’s widow, and knocked her up [mf]
I [f] started dating a cute classmate [m] who turned out to be a virgin. Now I’m
[MF] Living out a cheating fantasy at a trade show
I came in my cousins mouth during quarantine. [MF]
First time a [M]an has seen me [F20] without a hijab and in a bathing suit causing
[MF] Had the weirdest experience. While fucking my FWB, her husband walked in introduced
I [M] helped a brother out by letting his girl give him head before he almost died
Went on vacaction w/ friends and shared a bed w/ the most annoying girl in our friend
[MF] Got tired of edging myself [F] so I begged my roommate [M] to fuck me. PART
[MF] Watching porn with a friend gets messy
So I seduced my ex best friend’s husband for revenge... here’s how it went down.
Last night, I got to fulfill my fantasy of fucking a virgin. [FM]
[M]y husband is incredibly lucky [F]or this...
I (23F) slept with this guy and then his father creampied me later the same day [MF]
[MF] Fucking, and then regretfully cumming in, the chubby girl in my Econ class.
I made my boyfriend cum in front of his friends [FM]
[MF] My Best Friend's Sister And I Cross A Line, All Thanks To Her Incredible Ass
Got caught having Sex in the bathroom by our doctor at my 8 week pregnancy check
My [M] Girlfriend and her not-so-shy Sister
I [f]ace-fucked [m]y 20-year old tenant after she wrecked my wall - part 3
I [F] invite a shy college freshman [M] along for a night of naked fun with friends,
I let a guy fuck me during a rave while I was rolling 22[FM]
I fucked my kid's teacher. [FM]
I [M] matched with a [TF] trans woman on tinder and had the best experience of my
I [M] 25 fucked my neighbour [F] 33 because of an Amazon error
7 years ago I banged my Chinese teacher in a classroom. She is now 40, and she spent
I [F19] discreetly sucked off a stranger on a plane and he came in my mouth [MF]
[M]y girl[F]riend wants me to [F]uck her sister, AGAIN..... Part 2
I turned my gay friend bi, he turned my boyfriend bi, and they turned me into a sperm
My bf 20[M] fucked me 19[F] in the kitchen and didn’t stop when my flatmate came
That Time I [F]ucked My Tutor In the Common Study Area of Our Dorm
Ten minutes ago, I (25F) lost my virginity to a complete stranger on Tinder [FM]
She sat on it in everyone's presence [FM]
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