Open Ima

I have no one to brag to about my weight loss! So I’ll guess I’ll just post it
Got a lot done at the library today! [F] [OC]
Sweater ghosties ;) [OC]
Another update picture! 146 lbs to 103 lbs!
Boing! [oc]
ok so maybe i'm closer to an entire ghost body than just ghost nipples but-
Before y'all ask: my tattoo is an apeture ring
Do you like my lingerie? [oc]
Bright and Perky! [OC]
Hi from my ghosties : )
Some uncommon ghost nipples
My ghostly nips and bonus pussy😘
blue lingerie [oc]
Do I fit in here? ;)
i finally found my people🥺💕
I honestly used to hate my nipples before I knew this sub was a thing, now I feel
that opacity % is really low [OC]
i’m back!☺️
Was told I belong here. What do you think? [OC]
It’s my cake day so here’s my ghosties! :)
they are blending in nicely today😌
trying to stay warm on a cold, Missouri day😌
My ghost nipples and pussy, with panties to the side ;) [OC]
Bouncy ghosties 👻
More than a handful
Who ya gonna call?
Would you move to Canada for these?😘
First time here, am I ghostly enough?😘
I was feeling adventurous in the parking lot
Very Happy
Ghosties at your service
Sundresses are too easy to flash in
I don't post my tits much 😢 I'm insecure of them [F]19
Can I kiss you goodnight?
im moving in 7 days :o
It was suggested that I post this here! Rockin' my double mastectomy!
A little on/off and some ghosties! [OC]
A Beautiful Busty BJ
Just set free. Bra lines still fresh.
Want to watch them bounce while you fuck me? 😇
even tho i’m 20 i still get so excited for christmas!!😁
Red dot sights
Purple hair don't care
I love my ghosties
[19F] Since you've liked my last post so much, let me give you a different perspective
I know eyes are important.. but..
Would you like a red head with a side of transparent nipples?
My ginger ghosties with red lace ;) ❤️
Please accept my ghostly contribution. Thanks.
Please look at my tits real quick
First time posting 🤭 I hope you like them
Think they look really good today [OC]
How is the view down there?
They'll get pinker if you pinch them
My ghosties (and my pussy) say hello (:
Grade A nipples
They only really get pink when I pinch them
[19F] I would kill to get some icecream right know [OC]
I think I broke replay button.
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