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an incredibly rare veszeylite from Romania that looks like a crystal waterfall!
vibrant watermelon tourmaline cluster from Minas Gerias, Brazil
Geo Surprise!
flawless golden topaz on iron, one of the most incredible pieces ive ever seen!
Trilobites (Flexicalymene) collected from jobsite in Southwest Ohio
Azurite and malachite, Tongshan, China
''grape'' chalcedony, from Indonesia!
I just went down a rabbit hole looking at gorgeous skulls carved out of gemstones
Absolute unit of a geode
Stunning opal reveal
These Agates contain water that was trapped inside as they formed millions of years
Fun Fossil
Blue Calchedony
Nothing really exciting but I bought this beautiful piece of Bismuth
Shiny malachite
Lake Superior north shore thawing. Going to be agate hunting season soon! [OC]
an absolutely insane dragon scale calcite cluster from Missouri that looks like it
🔥 Opal looking like runes
I found this amazing iris inside an Agate from Mainz(Germany) and cut it in the shape
Vein of natural gold on quartz. Taken at the museum of natural science in Texas.
An Opal that has its own sky. Found in Queensland, Australia.
🔥 Rhodochrosite 🔥
Ripples from an ancient sea tell a story that is over a billion years old in the
massive chunker of a gypsum desert rose cluster from Tunisia!
Some malachite
Beautiful radiant spray of Indicolite Crystals from Minas Gerais, Brazil!
Dug this guy out of storage today. Found it with my dad like 10 years ago at the
Red fluorite and smoky quartz, Museum of National History, Paris. The first mineral
Pyritized ammonite fossil in limestone matrix from Germany
The Fire Opal looks like someone put the sunset in a stone.
Flourite on quartz [oc][1512x2016] about 8 inches high
Red fox agate from pantagonia.
Hiking the Cascade mountains in OR
Nice piece of grape agate from Indonesia
Gorgeous gigantic amethyst geode.
The ongoing eruption of Mt Etna in Italy
Quartz coated with azurite, malachite, and limonite, possibly other copper minerals
Eye candies
Here's some cool looking sand I found on a hike the other day.
A beautiful slice of an Amethyst stalactite known as a ''flower'' from Uruguay!
Gorgeous twin Stibnite crystals from China!
This Fire Opal
Blue and gold labradorite from Madagascar
cant get over this incredible topaz crystal in ironstone from Brazil that looks like
Tourmaline from the Jonas Mine in Brazil
Super delicate quartz on pyrite from Peru. So stoked to have it in my collection.
There's no such thing as too many labradorites [1920x1440].
Insane Mexican Fire Agate 4932x3024 [OC]
These reminds me of the flowers 🌸
A labradorite cabochon [5120x3840].
Totally Cubular, Dude!
Scorpion turned into copper
Pothole and grinding stone, Mortsund, Norway
🔥 a bouquet of flowers? nope. an insane cluster of amethyst crystals from Uruguay!
Uncut diamond
Azurite ''sun'' in matrix from Australia!
Ash collected from the Mount St Helen’s eruption, which happened 40 years ago today
Happy Fold Friday, everyone!
Gogottes, sandstone concretions from France that resemble abstract sculptures
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