Open Ima

one of Daddy's rules is that even after i cum i still have to take whatever he gives
Powering Through Him
His personal fucktoy
When I tell him to “loose me up a bit”
Alpha rut
That scream at the end tho! 😱
No escape
My buddy struggling to take my cock as I pound him 😈
Asian twink tied up and creampied
Such a lucky hole
Good boy take it all the way
Cum deep in his throat
Too late to change your mind now
Using his throat
Broke this dom into a sub
There, that’s better.
Rough throatfuck
Admin Team Note: FYI: The 'Struggle' in strugglefuck means RAPE.
Take it bitch
FYI: The 'Struggle' in strugglefuck means RAPE.
You belong to me
‘Hey, dude, *you* invited *me* over; you literally asked for this, so stay down
One more before bed , hope you guys enjoy 😊
Hazing the new guy
Listen to my buddy scream as he takes my cock ,
Getting used as a sex doll
Giving a long-dicking
Fuck him till he cries
Blessed be the bottom
Cheerleading coach at my school struggling to take my cock😈
Spanked,gagged,choked,slapped,hair pulled, plowed. Sauce: my personal vault.
Shhhhh, I’m still putting it in
Slowly Sucking on his dick and stoping so he can’t cum. He has no control as he
Fighting it makes him angrier.
It’s meant to HURT!
Shhhh 🤫!! I’ll be inside you soon
Gag on it
Sometimes you are just a hole that needs to be filled with cum 🤤😈
SH Sh sh, I’m going to use your hole!
Surprise struggle fuck with a college virgin (18)
"Please no!"
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