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Dragon fruits on my rooftop garden
My grandpa says we "need to get the word out" about how beautiful his Crepe
Hubs deployed and said I could build a garden to keep me busy. Never built anything
I'm having trouble identifying this plant
I used to sit in the desert of Afghanistan eating MRE’s daydreaming about having
Yes, and I am fine with that.
This beautiful two toned rose in my garden. I have never seen this before.
My night sky petunia!
Omg guys I was on the tv! My garden was on bbc news today! Happy boy :) 🌴❤️🌿
My dad’s garden. He has gotten to the point where he now has to sneak in new plants
Current view from my sewing studio
It's alive!
A bountiful harvest. This will get me through the harsh winter months.
The Grandparents Garden is looking AMAZING
Greetings from the Navajo Nation. Here's my peach tree in full bloom at sunset.
I do not eat zucchini, so I had no idea you weren't supposed to let them get this
Bagged our limit on opening day
After battling the courts, my uncle has regained my great-grandparents and grandparents
My melons needed some support.
I found a surprise in my rose bush!
Took 3 years, but you can grow a pineapple in Ohio
An ancient White Oak (which was my favourite tree and the gathering point for my
My Grandpa built a teepee for his bean plant and planted wildflowers on the sides,
My dad is growing an avacado tree at his office... In Edmonton, Alberta.
After 2 years of nurturing my first Passion Flower bloomed today.
I took a picture of the family garden every day from April to November. Here is the
Was checking the garden and accidentally woke up this grumpy guy: 🐸 😡
You guys enjoyed my cactus last time it had 3 blooms. This time I give you 7!
Electric snail fence! (Not 100% this belongs here)
Not mine, but my boyfriend's mother's garden this evening. (Just about 1/5th of it).
What a difference one year makes!
Diller carefully eats my avocados, then brings me the cleaned pits. I sprout them,
incorporating the rain into your garden [x-post r/pics]
Sacrificed my phone overnight to catch this beauty bloom. Isn’t it gorgeous?!
My mum doesn't use Reddit but I thought I'd show off her pride and joy- UK
For my cakeday, I present the best carrot I’ve ever grown.
I am growing 800 California Native plants to study their traits for use in post-fire
Four years of hard work later
My grammy's stunning hydrangea bush she's so proud of
The seed package called this sunflower mix “Drop Dead Red”. They were right!!
My lemon trees I grew from seed two years ago that I have to leave behind as I evacuate
Last pic I was able to get of my dad's garden before he retired and moved overseas.
Good things are coming out of this quarantine
Not sure if this is allowed but thought you folks might appreciate it :)
80-Year-Old Man Hasn’t Watered This Sealed Bottle Garden Since 1972 And It’s
First mango from a tree that was grown from seed!!!
I want my lawn to feed me not vice versa
The truth well told.
My Grandpa with his cantaloupes in his garden. I’ve learned everything I know about
Pepa just got a smart phone, he tried to send me a pic of his first tomato this year
My hotel in Paris. Real plants!
The spoils of months of hard work and tender care.
My dad was extremely proud of his monster tomatoes this season
Lettuce from our garden
Single triumphant asparagus
Dragon fruits in container
My brother's Azalea bonsai is in full bloom
An excellent Australian finger lime i grew.
Do you even tomate-bro?
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