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The happiness in that fox's eyes is too much to handle
Finally finished putting together this low poly fox
"This is my butt sniffing position"
Extremely adorable fox
This proud chap in Tooting, London
A cub snuck into our chicken pen and fell asleep, without harming any of our chickens!
Local foxes return!
squishy cheeks
Best Foxloaf of the year so far
Beyond adorable
Snuggly foxie
The Floofiest Fox
Foxy is resting.
A fox in the Black forest, Germany
Drax the Destroyer loves to curl up next to me when I read. He also loves visiting
Let me just rest my chin here...
Rocket is giving me the “puppy face” in this case it’d be the “foxy face”.
Majestic Fox
Foxes are just confused dogs who think they're cats
such a beautiful FOX it is!
Little fox trio.
Speaking of fox inspired tattoos...
This girl came right up to me while I was out for a walk the other day.
Alf is the cutest donut
Saw this guy on a way to a hike today. He wasn't shy at all!
Autumn camouflage
Juniper sporting a rather trendy hoodie
R/baking suggested you guys would like my cake!
Portable Pillow
Excuse me human are you OK?
Extremely adorable fox kit
A rolling fox gathers no moss
Juniper with a cup that matches her <3
The fox catches a big fish.
My 6 year old loves this sub. She made this and asked me if I could put it with the
I made this fox out of fallen leaves!
Massive floof!
Went and picked this guy up for transport to his new home. He’s a 6mo old Dakota
Fox nose ^w^
Got a picture of Aurora yipping at a bird sitting in the tree above us.
Stack of fennecs
A sly fox
Foxes are nature's catdog
My most handsome boy playing in the creek.
I am practicing gouache... So of course, I painted a little fox!
Cute little kit on my university campus!
Ready to go!
Made an Origami fox in a painted glass ornament, someone suggested I put it here
The fox I planted last year is coming along nicely
"Oh! Hi there, hooman, what's that strange thing in your hand?!"
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