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Some grocers are using banana leaves as an alternative way to package without plastic.
Why are we just now discovering this?
Grilled Cheese Cooked in a Waffle Iron (the Holes Hold Extra Soup)
No serving knife? No problem!
Never expected this
If you eat a hard taco over a soft tortilla shell you get a second taco.
My husband is using our baby monitor to keep an eye on the temperature of his smoker
Don't want to mess up 10 bowls for tacos? Use muffin tins!
Does anybody else do this or am I the only crazy one?
How to effectively slice a Pomegranate.
Tornado omelet.
I hope this is helpful
Take a sip of coffee before adding sugar, you won't need as much sugar for it to
For those quick nights
I attempted the new way to cook an egg
Wrap a piece of lettuce around one side of your sandwich/burger to keep the goods
Best way to cut a watermelon when sharing.
I really wanted a hot dog but didn't have any buns so I used a baked potato instead.
Chiles change name once they are dried
Need to make a heart-shaped cake? Here’s a little trick:
look at this
Hubby was using the oven and I needed to proof my focaccia, so I ran the dryer for
2 frozen pizza 1 tray? No problem
Place pepperoni over bagel holes when making homemade pizza bagels. Cheese won’t
Pull-apart pepperoni garlic knots.
Splatter shield was too small for my pan
we need to know this
This one helps me out on occasion. Hope it helps you as well!
Storing avocados with onion in the refrigerator keeps avocado fresh for days. I learned
Removing that chewy chicken tendon in a breast
Wrap hack
New spice rack! 👌
If you have a gingerbread man cookie cutter, you also have reindeer cookies cutter.
You can cut an uncooked frozen pizza and put the slices in the air fryer for a quick
Good Knowledge
I was today years old when I learned how to use a peeler...
Just tried that 1 pan egg sandwich hack but added cheese n ketchup and it was probably
New to the sub, so sorry if this has been done before. But the bottom of J.Lohr(as
Mix cereals to regulate sweetness levels and for variety.
Ice used to Remove Oil from Cooking.
Hello 👋 I ferment or dehydrate most of the vegetables I harvest in my urban garden.
This is genius
Twirl your bottle to empty it faster "Tornado Technique"
The easiest way to cook with fresh garlic. Also a great way to prevent waste.
Bloody brilliant ingenuity
Try the lemon method under the salmon to avoid burning your fish
For easy-to-eat s'mores, try making them in ice cream cones.
Elevating the bacon keeps it out of the grease and allows hot air to circulate around
I swear by grilled cheese in a waffle iron. faster, less greasy and some yummy pockets
Cook your bacon in an Ikea grill pan! It keeps it flat and my husband said it's ribbed
People who hate eating chicken tenderloins because of the tendon - here’s a super
Use a spoon to anchor your strainer
I cut bacon in half and freeze in individual pieces. Then I pack them into bags.
Cook french toast in a waffle maker
Hear me out: a ramen packet makes an awesome popcorn seasoning! Mix the powder with
Seriously, don't knock it 'til you try it.
One pan chicken thighs cooked on wire rack over sliced potatoes.
Finally found it after all these years
Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.
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