Open Ima

I laughed loud
We appreciate you Mike :)
Unexpected Crossover
The Elastigirl Fleshlight
So... when are we getting this?
Found this on facebook
So…this is an idea
Wow I’m speechless. You guys may have seen my post where my order came without
The Fleshlight Paradox
$2.50/oz. Jerking with the gold!
Nice. Star Wars license would be expensive AF.
Ultra-rare fleshlight
How do i hide my fleshlight ?? In ventilated storage box...Handmade Only.
Try before you buy
Long day
My girlfriend and I are on opposite schedules during the week. I masturbate a lot
When you get your first fleshlight.
My girls came in today 😍
Started with the Fleshlight and then it kinda got out of hand...
Fleshlight + guitarstand = amazing !
Beginner's Sleeve Guide
I just dodged the biggest bullet, you guys
I stayed at my parent's house for the weekend since my new job pretty close by
My Feelings on Fleshlights After 5+ Years of Use - Reviews, Tips, Questions, And
Meme- New October Fleshlight!
Merry Christmas to me! (Crush, Angel, Destroya, Squirt, Shameless, Sinner)
Weird ass sock
Best dryer ever
My childhood is ruined. Thomas the wank engine Fleshlight
Fleshlight on fan (don't do it)
Anyone know what sleeve this this? Very curious about the texture.
Fuck this virus
My will is strong . My won't is weak. Sleeves 15 and 16 Two new girls! ( Rose + Cream)
My FL Girls Holy Grail...
When you get that confirmation email. 😂😂😂 #methismorning
This should answer all those “blah blah blah is FleshLight good for me?” questions.
Got myself a little gift :)
My new gaming chair setup
It doubles as a Thermos
YouTube has shut down my channel
Hot Fleshlight meme
Newest additions arrived today. I have an hour to kill before work, why not.
Went all in for the upcoming videos, (AKA, possibly largest haul 2020?)
Using a Fleshlight for the first time is comparable to man discovering fire
Hell yeah
The latest addition to my collection!
Vina Sky posted this Instagram story today and I am SO fucking excited!!!
Finally found a nicer way to hang my sleeves. It looks really nice by my bed.
Is this the new "alien"?
My sleeves ;#
Collection update (2021)
Newest fleshlight girl!
Just arrived, early Christmas gift.
Our time is now boys
Wangel hairdryer holder also a perfect solution for drying a sleeve
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