Open Ima

Cops pepper sprayed their own Senator without realizing he's an authority figure
Scientific name = poison
the USPS is not a business
The state of the world.
“If masks were necessary we would have evolved one by now” lmao
Shouldn’t happen in a developed country
Came home to a newly laid concrete driveway. I did not order a concrete driveway
Apparently Canada’s healthcare is bad
what about nurses who wear them 8 to 10 hours a day
She didn't deserve it
An 8 year old shouldn’t have to do this
Sorry buddy, is not Christmas yet
I wonder why America is so unhappy?
When you believe politicians over doctors
I get it now
Hint Hint
Let's make sure we're hating on the correct CEO boys
My man really has to research before he speaks.
Don't have a CaShApP
Why the hell would you do this
A reason why YouTube ads are a problem
How can people break-up for such stupid reasons!
This you?
when you lag for a full week after the election
Asking for a friend...
This teacher thinks is the same to teach in 2020
Well well the turntables.
Financial aid going to the wrong people.
Gun ownership...
This woman was just elected to the US House of Representatives. I'm not joking.
The first women in the epitome of stupid
Who ever runs that station is dumb
It won't kill you :)
Uber Eats Super Bowl ad for “eat local” does more harm than good
The wrong people have money
Yoga>homeless people
Kids are most depressed...
Well, well, well. How the turntables.
Nice try
When you post your crimes all over internet...
Look at the confused face of Kim!
I mean, he’s not wrong
Doesn’t make the slightest bit of sense
This is Bob.
As a German I just want to add that.
Now I get it!
Neither do I
Tomi Lahren
Apparently there’s something wrong with using a stock photo
Real Friends Would Understand Why They Haven't Reached Out or Not Hold It Against
Imagine that.
Yeah, how dare he
That’s the point of the book!
America is fucked
You can still breathe idiot
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