Open Ima

We should make this the subs logo
Flame on
Guy is eaten by his dog who he starved and locked in the bathroom for 24 hours a
The time my pet rat decided to use his last bit of strength to escape his cage and
How many of you started here
Didn’t have milk
Keep your head in the game soldiers.
You’ve reached a checkpoint.
me reading this subreddit every morning like it’s the morning paper
just a meme
can anyone else relate?
Mob justice for a pedophile in South America- lowered head first into a pirhana infested
Ice cream brutally mutilated at middle of the street
I ain’t no snitch
Digusting go brrr
Found this disgusting shit on 4chan
Donkey explodes after getting hit by a train
Mother trying to piece her daughter back together
Ostrich manages to tug its own head off
Why has no one seen this??
Before and after. French socialite Blanche Monnier locked in her room for 25 years
On God, I would rather have ISIS kill me then the Cartel.
Bestgore is not the hero we deserved but the hero we needed. How many of you are
I’m giving this entire sub the wholesome award
I drew something using posts from this sub as references. Hope it’s relevant ;)
Student hangs himself after multiple failed attempts to secure a job
Minecraft reference
This got upvotes so I remastered it
Yes, I know it's tuesday
The remains of astronaut Vladimir Komarov. The man who fell from space, 1967
Worst thing on this subreddit by far
My sister had a miscarriage this morning
The audio transcript in the library in columbine during the shooting
Found on r/reddit10yearsago. Originally posted on r/wtf
Cereal with water (NSFL)
This guy served his friends tacos made from his own amputated leg
An early explorer of mount Everest. Probably from the early years. As the ice thaws
Another reason to avoid crowd
Me on this sub
"Hey guys! i guess that's it!" the infamous shotgun suicide video.
Last moments of reporter Alison Parker's life
This is totally WTF
A buddy of mine is a paramedic and sent me this. This was a firefighter who committed
July 2nd 2020 - One last photo of me and my dog before burying him in our garden
Time to reflect
Chair brutally murdered from the fat ass that set in it💀💀
Literally Disintegrated
Here's a painting I made, though you guys would like it
Revenge of the bulls.
This poor starving man is about to die, you can see it in his face. This is a photograph
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