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I sing to her in the morning before I leave to work. She has a favorite spot where
This is my dog who is 17. She is very loved. (This picture got removed from aww).
After a tumor and lymph node removal, a skin graft, two severe infections, eight
My boy, Ruger. Just in case anybody needs a smile today.
Said goodbye to this handsome boy at 15 years old.
My wife just sent this to me with no context
I told myself I’d wait a few years now that I’m out on my own to get a dog...
10 years goes by fast with a good dog.
When you want to go outside 40 times a day, but only get let out 39.
My girl finished chemo today
Woke up at 6am and drove an hour to be there for her final few moments. Her 15 years
After 15 years of depression and chronic pain, this little girl brings so much love
Abby is being so patient with the new puppy.
It looks like my golden retriever, Tucker, is smiling LOL
My Zeke passed away yesterday. She was the goodest of girls. My heart is broken.
My dogs just love each other too much... that or they're stupid lol
Hi everyone this is Tonka, he's 15 years old today. He's such a good boy. These days
Lucky spent his last morning in his favourite spot in the sun. RIP buddy.
Just found out Luna has Parvo. Send her some good vibes please.
Cat? I haven't seen him today
She thought it was a ball.
RIP old buddy. Keep chasing rainbows
His handsomeness is just too much to handle
I waited 32 years to adopt a dog and now this is how she wakes up from her naps everyday.
Tonight is my last night with this muffin before she crosses the rainbow bridge tomorrow.
My sweet 16 yr old baby passed away today. She was such a goodgirl
At 24 weeks it finally clicked for my dog that I am pregnant. This is her standing
I sent this to my wife, he gets sad when she leaves for work.
My cousins dog birthday!
Loki the day I brought him home from the Human Society.
This is Jimmy. I just dropped him off at the vet for surgery. His right kidney is
When I realized that 90% of my Karma has come from pics of my dogs.
Hooman...are you gonna come back??
Adopted this Newfoundland today. His name is Moose. He already knocked over a table.
My Daisy girl on her last beach day - lost her to cancer a week ago Friday. Really
My wife just sent me our baby announcement.
She died 2 days ago :( I already miss her so much
After a stressful week, today we found out Pumpkin DOES NOT have liver failure!!!
Our pretty girl Coda passed suddenly and with no warning in her sleep at the age
Goober is finally cancer free, and ready for another cookie
This dog has the best smile I've ever seen!
5 generations living together under one roof
Our Buba, found on the highway in a plastic bag, after 4 days with us she's already
I took this old gal to California and she got to see the ocean for the first time.
Timmy turns 10 today!
My favorite picture of my baby. She’s 9,5 years old.
Loving the doormat so much 😁
When she hears me wake up, and she patiently sits and waits for her walk. Although
Hip Dysplasia disqualified her from being a guide dog. But not from being a good
I had a dog show in my living room a while back..... there was one dog..... she won
Someone had a Good Friday night
Not being able to see through the new gate was causing her a lot of anxiety
Timmy 9 years apart. His flaps are starting to sag, and his elbows are dysplastic
RIP my big, dopey buddy. He endured 3 knee surgeries in 12 months like a champ; he
Just over a year in between photos. This dog. 😍
What a happy story!
This beautiful pup, Penny, left us on Fourth of July this past week. 13 years old
Shadow was 12 years old, and she had bad arthritis from getting hit by vehicles when
We had to put this beautiful girl down today. I miss her so much already. Rest peacefully
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