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[F4M] A shout to the average and small dicks out there.
[F4M] I’m a massage therapist and sometimes if a hot client jokes about ‘Happy
[Meta] This sub is addicting, and you may need a break from it.
[F4M] Big Dicks are Fine, but Small Dicks are Divine
[F4A] A Hooters but instead it's filled with big titted goth girls, called Spookers
F4M Sir, this isn't a Wendy's.
[FF4M] Lesbians want "guy practice". We want to spend just one night with
[F4M] A Chinese girl’s message to white men
[F4m] Any guys on the smaller side want to chat? ✨
F4M I really love the idea of being under the table and keeping your dick wet while
[F4M] I have a masturbation habit. I rub my clit up to 5 times a day, 7 days a week.
[F4M] I’m a massage therapist and sometimes if a hot client jokes about ‘Happy
[f4m] - I love sucking on soft cocks.
[F4M] shy guys, apply within
F4M Your genie is a bit of a hornball from being stuck in her lamp so long.
[F4A] I masturbated during a zoom chat with friends to see if I could get away with
F4M A meditation class tries to keep its collective calm while you facefuck every
[F4A] I spent over an hour sucking cocks at a gloryhole.
21 [F4M] Facefucking is overrated.
[F4A] I spent over an hour at a gloryhole.
F4M: Okay so your employer has sent you to manage their office in the distant land
F4A: Okay so it’s time for white girls to admit the truth; white dick doesn’t
[F4M] A literal fallen angel becomes your loyal, cock-slobbering girlfriend
[META] APP just got banned. Former APP people, please behave on DPP
18 F4M Incest: My dad wants me to hear him fucking women. And I’m pretty sure I’m
F4A - "I never thought perverts would fuck MY face," gurgles woman who
[F4M] Your man, I like him. He's mine now.
[F4M] Was I the only girl who was raised right? Seriously, ladies, whats going on
19 F4A I want a boyfriend who likes when I dress like a slut
20[F4M] Let me get to know you by sucking your cock
F4M A fleshlight with a portal directly to her pussy.
[F4M] Sucking your cock as you swipe through Tinder
F4M My teenaged ass is so massively fat, plump and juicy I’m considering a butt
[F4M] - Are you a good boy with mommy kink? Look inside.
F4A - I might be a cuck for my little sister.
[Meta] You don't have to defend your Sexuality.
F4M - Fuck my skull in front of my family
18[f4M] Your programmable girlfriend
[Mod] Reddit's new user-hostile telemetry feature, and how to turn it off
[F4M] I'm the only girl in my class. I think about getting gangbanged constantly
[Meta] One Simple Rule for a Good Chat
Ben Shapiro 4 WAP – Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that I’m your daddy
[F4A] I don't like misogyny
[F4M] I had a few partners get upset when I masturbate my clitoris during sex. They
[EU4UK] - A Brexit from My Heart
[Caveman 4 Cavewoman] Me Caveman. Me need mate. Me provide food. Me better than other
[F4A] So, it turns out that humans are actually the galaxy's most fuckable species,
19 [F4M] I sucked my first cock and I'm just so happy!
[f4m] I’m just gonna admit it, the whole “lesbian gets fucked straight” thing
[F4A] - Fuck me harder than Tumblr is fucking itself.
19F [F4M] Asian girl with 32D's that loves titfucking, but I only want small penises
F4A - Doesn't *every* D&D group have a free-use tavern-wench?
26 [F4M] - I've never had a creampie before... but I think I'm developing a breeding
F4M Your best friend’s mom is your best friend, your source of income, and your
[Meta] Think of Your Fellow Poster, Lend them a Helping Hand, Put a Little Upvote
[F4M] I bought a fleshlight that has a portal directly connected into my pussy. And
[F4M] - Stepsister finds out it was you who sent her that shitty message on Reddit
[F4M] - Boys Are So Cute When They're Desperate To Cum
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