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This is the NEW state of this subreddit. NEW RULES// MAKE SURE TO READ!
19 [F4M] Confidence boost?
Thank you all for reporting the sellers!! Please keep it up!!
26 [F4M] Let me know...
25 [F4M] - Bikinis all fit weird. Allow me to make your cock hard to feel better?
19[F4M] Lonely Monday nudity and games
23 [F4M] Arab stuck at home - dreaming of white cock
25 [F4M] - Confession: I love turning on strangers, the anonymity is freeing
25 [F4M] - Confession: My mom took these pics lol
TO ALL USERS. "Why my posts get removed?" / "I am a real female but
18 [F4M] not selling, not a bot, genuine female here, looking for a moment of time
18 [F4M] I turned 18, two weeks ago. I really want to become a pornstar. โค
30 [F4M] Welcoming tourists with a loving blowjob
52 [F4M] Too old for all this?
24[F4M] Multiple Orgasms
23 [F4M] Thank you!
22 [F4M] Stretch me
45 [F4M] I love sucking cock
28 [F4M] Shaved my pussy for tomorrowโ€™s date. Who wants to see?
18 [F4M] Barley legal teen!๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰
[meta] Tips for Ms responding to Fs
25 [F4M] - Which pose is perfect for frosting, sir?
18 [M4R] WARNING: someone is replying to requests, saving pics and then leaving the
[META] Solution for the bots/sellers/catfishers
25 [F4M] - All dressed up, nowhere to go. Buzzed.
18 [F4R] Going to a party thing, kinda wanting to get fucked.
23 [F4M] Listen to a deaf girl?
19[F4M] Quarantine is so lame! But, itโ€™s better without clothes
27 [F4M] [Verification]
20[F4M] well Iโ€™m single
28 [F4M] I'm horny and I feel like flashing my tits
22 [F4M] Fuck my Muslim ass
19 [F4M] I need to have fun, being a slut
30 [F4M] scammer alert
19 [F4M] Speed whoring time!
22 [F4M] I finally got verified, lets celebrate! ๐Ÿ˜
22 [F4M] Rub your cock over my Arab face
40 [F4M] Horny Mom needing Face Fuck Fun and giving blowjobs, handjobs and rimjobs
22 [F4M] Arab girl in need of White cock..
19 [F4M] Speed whoring again ๐Ÿ˜˜ Pic included.
25 [F4M] - I'm trying to be good for my interview...
31 [F4M] Think about how round you could make my belly by Father's Day
19 [M4F] Looking to be harassed by bots.
18[F4M] I fucked my boyfriends dad...
22 [F4M] make me your slut
28 [F4M] To the man who cannot stop staring at me
22 [F4M] I've been craving a dick in my ass since Tuesday
[META]Updates - Sellers
25 [F4M] - The ever escalating saga of making cocks hard in public...
[meta] Kik is NOT shutting down after all
29 [F4M] Is it bad if I'm more into blowjobs than sex?
32 [F4M] Pic inside ๐Ÿ™‚
NEW rule is added. Make sure to read. VERIFICATION for females that got banned. RULE
18 [F4M] anyone into skinny girls?
19[F4M] Looking forward to chatting to an older man about some stuff
DO NOT post on other's behalf!! Report them!!
22 [F4M] I need a cock
19 [F4R] Anyone want to start off 2021 with a 19 year old white girl who has plump
46 [F4M] Questions for a big ass teacher?
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