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Petition to have this subreddit be terminated by Reddit admins.
Scientists have found a list of 17 reasons why someone may kill themselves.
Why are there no feminists in Japan?
If this post gets 1000 upvotes, I will ban automod and get it to shut the fuck up
Ngl has me at the first half
What do you call intelligent people in the U.S
My parents got mad at me for sleeping with the autistic girl next door
How to learn a bunch of bullshit you don’t care about
You could really tell the US government was tired of No Shave November.
What happened to my virginity when my uncle walked in the room?
I asked my girlfriend if we could try out a rape fantasy.
Is the KKK really that racist?
So 6 is scared of 7 because 7,8,9, bit why did 10 have PTSD
Gays in Syria
Why is dark spelled with a k and not a c?
Testing, not a joke: How many upvotes can a post get before it’s locked?
Damn just heard Chadwick Boseman died of cancer.
What did the jew say when he recaptured by the nazis?
Upvote or you're a mod.
Good at his job tbh
So my wife walked in on me fucking our daughter
To all the people complaining about being treated unfairly due to the colour of your
Damn girl, are you a cop?
why didn't the Japanese guy get a high five.
Religion is like a penis
Petition to remove the "!lock" command cuz now almost every post is locked
I once had sex with a girl who has a stutter
What's the difference between a Taliban fighter and an Iraqi child?
Last known photo of Kobe Bryant.
I feel bad for Anne Frank
My son got kicked out of his school for getting his dick sucked by a girl
They say in every friend group there is 1 willing to commit murder
Tell a girl she's beautiful once and she won't believe you. Tell a girl she's fat
The comments are disabled
Guy walks into a bar with a .44 Magnum, he shouts: WHO THE FUCK FUCKED MY WIFE?!
I like my COVID like my women
If i had a dollar for every racist thing I’ve ever said......
Jokes about school shootings aren't funny. Seriously, my brother died in one. I even
There are 3 guys on an airplane: a white, Mexican, and Asian
A biology teacher asked me what is inside a cell.
I hate it when guys say their girlfriends are their “Partners in Crime”
What do you call intelligent people in the US?
Killing black people is a lot like saying the N-word
a black kid complemented my shirt
Last week I was raping a girl. She scream “No please, think of my children.”
A girl from Alabama asks her dad if she can use the truck tonight.
Cops are
The FBI had an open position for an assassin
Whats the difference between a Mod, and Hitler...
Whats the difference between a cop and a bullet?
Where does a suicide bomber go when he dies
You know the best thing about killing a hooker?
A daughter asks her dad if she can have a sleepover with her girlfriends and he agrees
3 Jews are in a Concentration camp.
I asked my girlfriend if we could try out a rape fantasy.
I asked my friend if she wants to play the rape game
I already failed no nut November
Islamic terrorists makes no sense . Commit suicide and might get 72 virgins ?
If you're thinking about killing yourself, just remember
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