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I [24F] cucked my husband and now I’m [pregnant] with my bull’s [interracial]
My Girlfriend Discovered My Roommate Has a Huge Dick [Cheating] [Humiliation]
Accidentally cucked.
My long term gf (now ex) fucked the biggest dick up her ass in front of me
Accidental Cuck While Camping at 19years old [Cheating] [True story] [LONG STORY]
List of Slut Wife, Cuckold, Reluctant, Hung Stories
I Tricked My Girlfriend and Roommate and It Got Out of Control [cuckold][handjob][voyeur][cheating]
My BF wanted a break so I fucked 4 guys in a week [cheating]
Getting cucked at a Halloween party
How I accidentally got cucked by my GF in a threesome I didn’t want. / [Betrayal]
Helping a buddy turned me into a cuckold
How my high school girlfriend conditioned me to be a cuck [consensual]
My girlfriend (20f) slept with my roommate and I secretly listened [cheating] [voyeur]
What is the best cuckold story you ever read pt. 5!
How a threesome with my girlfriend and friend (MFM) accidentally resulted in me becoming
My FWB fucked my friend and then told everyone how much bigger and better he was
Providing relief [fantasy]
True story [cheating] I (33F) love giving men oral, men other than my husband. But
How my threesome turned into cuckold
That time my first threesome turned into me watching my girlfriend's best friend
How my BF tricked me into cuckolding him [cheating]
New Bull Owns Me [humiliation] [gay]
Girlfriend fucked a stranger from tinder while I waited outside for her to finish.
Traded a facial to become a cuckold. [Humiliation]
Shared my girlfriend for the first time last night after losing a bet with a mutual
[cheating] [cuckold] Muscular Friend Fucks My Nerdy Girlfriend While I Pretend Not
My BF let me [F22] have orgasmic bareback sex with a stranger who had the biggest
Birthday Present from my Girlfriend.. [consensual]
A new neighbor an 6 days that changed my marriage [cheating][voyeur] (My first story.
I (21F) cucked my boyfriend (24M) with a younger guy (18M). He made me his personal
Girlfriend (24) continues to fuck my best friend (26) bareback even after pregnancy
Three cuckold-themed "Choose Your Own Adventures" which are just like texting
Broke in my gf after 10 years, and being the only guy who had sex with her...until
Convinced my gf to have a mfm 3 some with a surprise [consensual]
[Consensual] GF creampied on my bed
Wife's best friend and her dominant boyfriend moved into our house, Part 2! [big
Broke in my gf after 10 years, and being the only guy who had sex with her...until
I Tricked My Girlfriend and Roommate - Pt. 3 - We agree She can tease him [cuckold][blowjob][voyeur]
How a Three-Month Breakup Made Me a Cuckold [consensual] [minor foot fetish] [long]
I walked in on my room mate taking my girlfriend’s ass.
What is the best cuckold story you ever read? PART THREE
The first time I had a cock bigger than my husbands [cuckold] [hotwife] [public]
True Life: I was a Cuckold in College & I Watched My Girlfriend Take a Big
How I convinced my boyfriend to let me fuck other guys after we had an unplanned
That time my girlfriend fucked a trucker in his truck on our road trip. [consensual][true
I Didn’t Know Her Ex Was So Much Bigger Part 1 [cheating] [consensual]
My college girlfriend and the hallpass
My best friend, our bet and my fiancée
My girlfriend cheated in front of me
Another Update - Or How I made my Boyfriend Eat Another Guys Load
Girlfriend fucks friend next to me while I sleep [cheating]
Fucked my employee's wife
The night my college gf and I began our cuckold relationship with a 3some with a
How my girlfriend’s bull feminized me - a trans girl recounts her first experience
My bull ordering my boyfriend is the hottest thing ever.
Fell asleep too early while camping with my GF
Friend Consummating Our Marriage (1st Wife) [consensual]
A few changes to the sub
Accidentally filled [CHEATING]
My Fiancé has been joining her friend and BF for Threesomes + More [Cruel]
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