Open Ima

Her side piece loves to bend the rules
Your gf is always so generous!
Expectations vs reality
Your Bull is spending the lockdown teaching your girlfriend a lot of new things!
I don’t see why I should miss out, it's not my fault you’re small
She said it was a great idea after all.
You understand of course
Bride-to-be fucked at her Bachelorette Party.
Could you be mad at her?
You agreed that if her date was bigger than you, he didn't have to wear a condom
Wait for it ... 💦😈
And she loves it
You even donated during the bj
You didn't have the guts to stop it since they seemed to be so into it, so you just
At Home Workouts
Your girl ghosted you
Shopping With Cum Filled Pants And A Hard Dick Will Probably Get Easier, Right?
Oh no! The Condom broke!
Do all the cucks in here like getting Snapchat’s as much as my cuck husband? Trust
Your gf knows whats better 😈
She can't wait for the next one!
She's never had an orgasm?!
Your girlfriend agreed to the bet. And loss.
She came home with an autographed glossy of the band, and a ticket to their next
And you know I won’t be able to say no next time either
Just some statistics you might want to have in mind
Your girl skypes you during quarantine.
If this post gets over 1000 upvotes I’ll start posting her nudes
She knows you've been waiting for this day ;)
Your girlfriend is a lying slut
Hunting trip
How long before your friends see the video?
Is he a good friend or a bad friend ? 👅
Now imagine how humiliated hubby felt when her bull laid that monster on his wife’s
This is embarrassing...
Your gf begged him to move in with you and now this is their nightly routine
Happy wife happy life
Your Bull is VERY strict.. Your girlfriend loves it 😍
Just a friendly debate, that’s all
Guess darling.
We've all been there
You hear so many things good about your wife's massage parlor but you will never
Something seemed a little off at the time...
The best decision your girlfriend ever made
Your girlfriend went out with her best friend, you got this
The perfect gf!
What do you think are the odds?
It was a silly bet to make
This is why she sleeps around
Bad luck for you
Go on, impress her.
Ex still has fucking rights
You've never been able to make her cum as hard as your friends can
Your girlfriend: "We shouldn't... [while continuing to stroke your friends cock]"
Hope you're hungry.
At the club
The perks of being a cucks roommate
She likes teasing you when you're away
Honeymoon gone wrong
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