Open Ima

A friend went for a walk the other night and saw this woman just standing on a roof
The missing persons map has a frightening similarity to the cave systems map
My husband just sent me this... it was taken on his way to work this morning.
Artist with Dementia
An eerie underwater cave death warning sign.
A new Garfield piece by Will Burke
Saint Bartholomew
Old lady with a knife seen on a doorbell cam in the middle of the night
Just bought a house. Found this in the basement. Sealed tight.
NSFW: Two months ago my dad accidently cut off his index finger with a table saw.
Skull of Mary Magdalene
No Christmas this year.
Hermit Crab Using a Human Skull as a Shell
Dr. Carl Tanzler
Stairway to Death Row and the Criminally Insane at Missouri State Penitentiary.
carved pearls
Ram stabbed and killed by its own horn
Skulltula by Nate Hallinan
real you
You didn't see anything...
Skeleton of Russian soldier still has gear
Handmade ghost ship
Xylaria Polymorpha is a saprobic fungus commonly known as dead man’s fingers
This very accurate Babadook cosplay.
A soot covered spiderweb
These three cages, that were used to hold the dismembered remains of opposing religious
Butter Week in Moscow
Featherless Owl
An iris growing over a pupil.
Skeleton of a mother and her unborn child.
Keeper of the Woods
Close up of moth outside my window
The path I walk to go to work.
Filipino artist, Gregory Halili, carves intricate skulls into mother of pearl shells.
Perfectly preserved tattooed skin
Skeletal Cancer aftermath
A rare mutation causing the tentacles on the octopus to branch
A childs skull
The grand chandelier in the Bone Church at Kutna Hora outside Prague in the Czech
Portland man found his tires slashed, and this note on his car.
Cthulhu has risen…
Baby Owls
Late night under water snack
The Backroom
Gengar by R. B. McConnell
Tarantula infected with Cordycipitaceae
Graffiti in abandoned Greece hotel
Efficient Driving
Watcher in the forest
Missing child Jacob Wetterling’s clothing and remains found after he was missing
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