Open Ima

I think I'm practically MADE to wear a collar :)
Whats the difference between a collared slut and a mosquito? The mosquito stops sucking
What will you have me do master?
Collared and tightly tied up
Waiting for a treat ;) [OC]
Do you like my new harness/collar?
Would you take me out for walkies? πŸΆπŸ’•
Just want to be paraded around, is that too much to ask?
I’m built to serve!
Puppy is ready for breeding, see!? πŸ’• (F) 18
Do you like my collar ?
Got a new collar today β™₯ [OC]
Kitten cum slut 🌸
I just need a leash ;)
collared and ready to be paraded around
Here you go πŸ₯Ί
Black corset [oc]
His view [mf]
Hit me with your best shot πŸ’¦
This definitely counts as restraining neckwear but the pain is worth it😩
Built in collar [OC]
Lovely, subtle, yet open display of being owned....
[F] I’ll be a good girl let’s play fetch !
Would you use me? [oc]
My favorite collar
do we like nipple clamps here too?
Cute little details 🌸
Love when my leash is pulled
Collar and a leash~! (Never mind the bathroom stall door)
On my knees for you
Aubrey Star & Jenna Ross - "My Submissive Little Pet"
In Need of Guidance...
First post here ❀️ hope the 6 people that see this enjoy πŸ₯°β€οΈ
Old pic of me in my red collar
puppy is ready to play!! πŸΆπŸ’–
smol goth girl ready to be leashed
White means I'm pure...right? :3 [OC]
Yes dear...
Look me. In the. Eyes. (OC)
Always on the naughty list...
TGIF (oc)
Little sub πŸ–€
whisper in my ear while you pull on my leash
Anyone here like goth girls?
I want more harnesses now more than ever. πŸ–€β›“ (18) (F) (UK)
Collared and splattered πŸ’¦ (OC)
Collar with clamps
Who wants to attach the leash?
Looking [f]orward to giving head
Hidden collar [oc]
Collared slutπŸ–€
My collar matches my out[f]it :3
daddy's whore. [oc]
Collard and Owned πŸ§‘πŸ–€πŸ”
How would you feel to have 3 collared subs at your feet?
I'm a kinky slut that loves to serve and please dick 😜
On my knees for you
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