Open Ima

had to wake up to some DMs about how fat and ugly i am...... so i'm flipping it around
i'm tired of hiding my chubby body under baggy mom jeans ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
probably the riskiest thing i've posted so far? still trying to get comfortable with
I think this might be my most explicit photo on reddit yet.. Please be gentle! <3
tired of ppl in other subs making jokes about my tummy under my posts sooo... hopefully
everytime i post face on here i get nervous 🙈
people in other subs told me to keep my clothes on, so........this is my response
Do you like my rolls? 🥺 (19)
Honestly I felt so beautiful regardless of my tummy ☺️
i posted this gif a looong time ago and deleted it out of embarrassment and insecurities..
Is this pretzel making you thirsty?
Wondering if me posting myself can get as much attention as the guy that stole my
Do you think I’m pretty 🥺
I don’t do well in this sub but I’ll keep trying 🤷🏼‍♀️
a little thick 🤪
i’ve never posted my full body , so nervous
we ride each other's faces, could we take turns riding yours ???
Its okay to have a little bit of a tummy ..r-right?
Soft stomach, huge titties and a fat pussy 😈
Honestly I’m just hoping I can make you smile (:
Chubby moms club 🤩💦
i’m choosing to embrace my rolls today !!
honestly nervous to post this because i didn't realize how much my tummy jiggles
Will outfit will you take my chubby body to bed in?
Where are all the men who love chubby women at? 😏👀
Do you like the way I jiggle?
would you fuck me?
i know there's hardly anyone online right now but i'm feelin so confident tonight
this sub makes me feel a lot less insecure about my tummy
We got a new toy! Hope you like the view.
If I made you stop scrolling I appreciate you❤️
Wow again nearly 100 upvotes on my most recent post so I will continue to keep posting
Would you take a road trip with me? My 38GGs tit out the whole way 😋
social experiment to see how many men like my tummy rolls!!!
If you paused to look at me, you helped make my day. 💞
First time posing full body and face 🙈 be gentle.
My first and probably only nude. I have 0 self confidence and it took me 6 months
could you go all night with two nerdy, chubby girls? ;)
Cute and chubby enough? :)
Did you know the thicker the cushion the sweeter the pushin?
I hope you can love this chubby body
I’m even softer than I look
What I’m wearing all the time vs. what I wish I was always wearing
just wanna know who would actually netflix and chill with me 🥺
first time posting face on here... kinda nervous, but excited (:
Guys I’m just really drunk and happy at the moment. I haven’t had any luck posting
Celebrating the end of finals with a happy dance!
would you fuck this chubby girl with e cups? 🥺
i hope my chubby transformation makes your evening a bit easier, and your cock a
Who wants to fuck a chubby ginger?
Is there too much tummy in this shot?
Finally sharing a post on this sub! I think I fit in 😌
You can wear these earmuffs all winter long
I’m fat all in the right places
here's a lingerie reveal for you like how my chubby body looks in lace?
I know you like to watch me
Rumor has it that chubby girls are better in pleasing their men.. Care to test out
Would I be able to get by wearing this out and about? Everyone said it looked like
My legs are open for you ;)
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