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So my dad got wind that yous like the vids of him cooking so he wanted me to record
Char Siu Pork Fried Rice
Our Chinese New Year dinner with family
Shanghai Bing. Best $0.35 I’ve ever spent.
Local Chinese restaurant haul!
New Year's Eve Dinner Spread
Homecooking Under Lockdown -Sichuan Dishes (with one from Hunan in the mix)
When this pandemic is over, this is the first thing we’ll do as a family.
Happy Chinese New Year to you all!
葱油花卷! Hua Juan - Steamed scallion flower rolls
Channeled my inner Chinese grandma to make potstickers at home - including the wrappers!
It’s snowing outside so I made 红烧牛肉面!
Hotpot at home
Wearing my big girl pants today: made Sichuan cold noodles with shredded chicken
Wontons in homemade chili oil
London’s Chinatown is not having the easiest time at the moment, and they were
Made Scallion Pancakes (葱油饼) for the first time - turned out surprisingly well!
Lotus seed and salted egg yolk moon cakes. Made everything from scratch because I
Sorry for bad pic, but this is my Kung pao chicken
Sichuan-style hot pot with the quarantine crew today.
Pokémon Tang Yuan (glutinous rice balls)
Celebrating new year by cooking Sichuan dishes
No Chinese bakeries nearby, so I baked my own pineapple buns (菠蘿包/bo lo bao)
Rice noodles has always being my favorite.Remember back in school time,we always
Makeshift hotpot for two on the balcony ☺️
[homemade] Christmas hotpot
Sunday dim sum is a weekly tradition in my family!
The Knife Skills we wish we all had
Peking duck
Steamed pork and cabbage dumplings
Chinese bakery items for my quarantine birthday
Baked char siu bao (bbq pork buns) fresh outta the oven! 🙌
We ate Char Siu buns.
Birthdays = hotpot in my household. Beef, pork, seafood, veggies with mild and spicy
Homemade big plate chicken (大盘鸡)with hand pull noodles
Back from uni so what does that mean? More vids of my dad cooking this time it's
Wonton noodle soup
So I've been doing a couple paintings of food from Hong Kong
It’s not mid-Autumn, but I tried making mooncakes for the first time! Definitely
Sweet & Sour Chicken Hong Kong style cooked by my dad in my parents takeaway.
Happy Halloween! I thought this sub would appreciate my costume. [Please forgive
Imagine liking red bean paste
I made some Chinese food stickers and thought I’d share
Peking Duck set meal, Beijing [OC]
Getting ready for Cantonese style hot pot. It's been too long.
Homemade xiao long bao for the mother's in my family - Happy Mother's Day!
Homemade Sticky Rice Dumpling. Traditional food for Dragon Boat Festival
Hotpot is the best
It's so hard to lose weight when i am at home!
Found my perfect side hustle while searching for a job. Taught myself Chinese bakery
Dumplings in Red Chili Oil - Merry Christmas
Been making a lot of sweet buns recently. Had a go at savoury today - pork belly
had this in hong kong last summer:)
homemade you tiao and century egg & pork congee, a perfect breakfast to start
Made some Spicy Pork Noodles with Black Bean Sauce last night!
My first post! Of course its gonna be dumplings ❤
CNY dinner with the family - happy new year everyone!
Cantonese Style Ginger Scallion Lobsters 🦞
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