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Your wife went to her favorite musicians concert. You didn’t see her until the
Hubby never expects guys to come from Reddit so he never checks the app to see these
My husband clearly doesn’t know how to fuck me since I’m on here, help me out?😈
Sucks that you were working and couldnt attend the road trip with your wife and her
My husbands friend came over again while he was working overnight and I rode the
My biggest turn on is sending nudes to men other than my husband
“Baby i’m not going to be able to pick up the kids from school. I’m super busy
I decided to send this to a few of my Hubbys friends
The masquerade party went so well that I don’t think this guy could even tell I
Me and my bestie took turns sucking on this BBC while my hubby was passed out in
This is for anyone who’s not my husband
You fell asleep at the party so she didn’t think you’d notice.
My husband didn’t want to go to the gym with me. Luckily I met this nice guy. We
Cheating With Girlfriends Sister While She Is Sleeping Next To Me
I fucked hubby’s friend, I didn’t even realize he was recording
Classmate came over for drinks and studying with his girlfriend. He drank a little
When we match on tinder, I don’t need a funny pickup line, just the address to
How I dress for my “girls night out” when I’m really just going to fuck hubby’s
It's my birthday (37) and I'm horny as fuck per usual - can you satisfy my every
36 mom of 2, pass or smash?
Since everyone loved seeing my cute little butt with cum on it so much, here’s
Incoming Facetime from your wife
You can’t really blame her, bro. Your roommate has a way nicer dick.
This is why she always insists on being picked up by her co-worker...
Why is she always like this?
Wondering how many married men would fuck me?
A friend of mine is a mechanic and I offered to suck his dick to fix my car, you
Edge your cheating pussy until I come over later...
Flashing random men at Target
Coworkers wife sending me some pictures
I met up with one of my new Reddit followers who was a cop. He offered to take me
I met up with one of my Husbands friends last night and had some fun while he was
My husband doesn't know I fuck my coworker at the library
[warning: sound] I fucked this girl a few times over this summer before filming with
Her lips look better around his cock anyways
He won't eat pussy I hope you do :)
I love letting random bbc off reddit come fuck my little white pussy raw! 😏😘
You left the party after your argument. She stayed with the host.
Trust me it tastes soooo much better when it’s not Hubby’s cock. And no, I’m
Managed to get a quick pic while the kids are eating
Cum fuck me at the office so hubby won’t catch us at home in his bed…
I spend many afternoons at the Marriott. I think they have good lunch specials, although
How many of you would fuck this married pussy? 🤫
I couldn’t wait for him to fill me up with his cum 💦😏
So her fiancé thinks she’s getting sized for her wedding dress...but I wanted
I think your wife would understand. I know our husbands would 😏
Who would have thought you could find hung young guys on Reddit? Well I know my husband
She had always claimed to her husband that cum disgusted her.
What do you think I'm doing, fucking a dude in the parking lot or something?
As my hubby is off to work, I get dressed to have my boyfriend over 😈 25f [OC]
I sucked him dry, but now I’m all wet!
Hope my husband doesn’t mind me fucking this little 18 year old I found at the
Quick before he gets home! Rip it off with your teeth 😈 [F]23
Two is always better than one 😉
Hubby finally went back to work today - time for some nasty fun 😜 (OC)
She says she doesn't suck dick because of her reflex. Or at least that's what she
It’s not cheating if it’s with another girl right?
Getting naked to send other men selfies 😈 [F]24
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