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She has a lucky sock. Very necessary when monitoring the bird situation.
The love transcends time.
We told her to stop eating the plants so now she just pretends.
My cat passed away today... I just wanted to share how much of a good boy he is to
Cat bonks owner for attention
Klaus recovering from being neutered is a whole ass mood.
When you’re the last cat made for the day and there’s no matching parts
I’m so proud of my baby for losing weight! I put him on a vet recommended diet
I'm pretty convinced that I have the world's clingiest cat. He loves to be picked
What a beautiful relationship they have
Finally got his own room!
My cat at breakfast and dinner time. And in between.
My lovely cat, he was hit by car two days ago and is gone. I just need someone to
I have no regrets
I made my cat a work from home set up
People say that black cats are unlucky, but Kitty was my family’s good luck charm
Small stray boy turned long handsome boy
Last year I owned 0 cats and was allergic to them. Covid hit, and everything locked
Some views are simply breathtaking
my cat as a kitten vs an adult cat
Cat bedroom is complete! Birb TV is on!
i love him 😽❤️
Happy 16th birthday to my tippy tappy boy!!!!
Her owners wanted to euthanise her because she wasn’t friendly enough. My vet said
Well we discovered that Esme hates the wind today.
Our 18 year old crazy cat passed away this morning. Having a much harder time with
Milo passed away in his sleep early this morning. I just want people to see how wonderful
'I want out'
COVID then/now...
Behind the scenes at the vets office
She hopped on the printer. I gave her a CAT scan.
I lost my best friend this weekend. He was everything. I hope he can brighten someone’s
Mandarin was the coolest cat at the shelter- I had to adopt him
Our Boi G turned 21! So lucky to have him in our lives!
My buddy accidentally let my cat out a few days ago and I've been worried sick. My
My cat went missing a year ago. Me and my wife found him while on a bike ride. He
After my kitty of 15 years passed away late in 2019 I didn’t think I’d get another
My grandparents have never let pets in the house before. Last month, they found Sam
The moment I knew I had to adopt him.
His happy place is in a wheelbarrow
Life imitates art
This is it, guys. She’s hit peak cute.
My husband says I can’t adopt a cat. He didn’t say I couldn’t find a stray
We have two sane cats. Pushed our luck getting a third.
Browsing Reddit with a friend is always more fun.
My cat Blackberry has done this before but my friends told me it was really impressive
He pretends like he’s chewing to communicate that he’s hungry!
How I found them (at a dumpster) and how they look 5 days later, after a visit to
My cat Voodoo passed away unexpectedly in his sleep Monday night. I’m taking it
Romeo is going to his forever home today. He is a part of the 130 cats rescued from
I studied dog training but didn't have a dog.
My snowball and my void. Finally got them looking at the camera together.
Welcome to the void
20 years of love
Often see this little cat on my train. Walks around and meows at people. He gets
The Absolute Best
A cat adopted in 1988 celebrates its 32nd anniversary this year
“Imagine hearing this in the middle of the night for the first time though”
was told by the shelter that he’d probably take a few weeks to get used to me.
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