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Attempted to take a cute video of my cats licking each other, and then this happened...
Pls adopt, don’t buy. 🐾💕
Siyamese kittens
Fills my heart to see someone so happy to have and care for a pet.
All Problems Have A Solution XD
Say hi to Hopper.
found her in a garbage bin 8 years ago
This is my cat, Pepe, when she learned to climb the ladder to my bed
more proof cats are liquid
Nina has barely left my side since I had a miscarriage
Watching a cat drink water from underwater😉😉
Doesnt dry well
Chicken gets a pat for every upvote you give her
My cat loves me 😍
Get ya priorities right 💪😂
I got my new bank card today
correct sleeping position
My blind cat and stuffed penguin
If Eddie fits, he sits
Better that than a dead mouse!
Best creation by GOD
Ancient egypt god vibes
Yeah Smart is 21 year old today
Happy birthday!!!
One upvote = one kiss for my baby
Cats are liquid and can also be 2D !
They grow up so fast!
[OC] Violation of cat law
OMG you're home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"My cat keeps sitting like this and it makes me so uncomfortable."
In honor of Lil BUB, we should make her the Sub Icon for r/cat.
Have a nice day!
jumper cat
For every upvote I will give my cat a head pat. He is a good lion boy who loves to
a model
All guests must be approved by the cat
I see no difference
Lost the best cat in the world yesterday. He used to wake me up at 2am licking plastic,
Just adopted this sweet girl. For every updoot juniper gets a snoot boop!
Im still laughing 😹
Definitely king of the jungle
I'm dying😹😹😹😹
Lil tongue ^.^
How to attend online classes with Pepe
Not my cat, but we shared a moment.
What a lovely couple
Someone sent me this and that look I can't even
Trying to get your attention
My little guy enjoying a few last days of sunlight through the front door. Unfortunately,
For every upvote, chicken gets a head pat.
where’s her French vanilla?
The sign of acceptance.
Little with mOm.
You don't adopt a cat. The cat adopts you.
Adorable baby <3
I couldn't find him for ages...
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