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2017 in my dorm vs. last night
From senior year of high school to junior year of college
Showing off my (f22) progress
Throwback Thursday of me (f22) before I was bimbofied
moving to LA helped me mold into a bimbo :) can’t wait to transform even more!!
Here’s my progress! (F21) 😊 still lots to work on!
My transformation since 2 years
from chubby nerd to airhead bimbo 💖
I think my (f22) training is working
How’s my (f22) progress?
Keeping track of my (f22) progress
My transformation so far
Far from my end goal but I love the little bimbo I'm becoming
My two and half year transformation ☺️ [oc]
I (f22) used to be such a good girl
I’m (f22) just trying to be a good girl
Now guys are looking at me for some other reasons...
3 years apart & more to come (:
The more of a bimbo I (f22) become the happier I am
I got 565 cc & I can’t wait to go bigger one day! 💕
Still the greatest transformation ever
I love that I get so much more attention now that I got my boobs done :) so much
2 years of progress! before/after 🌸
Would you recognize me (f22)? 4 years apart
Before and after.
Hump day is my (f22) favorite day
Girl, you've changed :/ (oc)
My (f22) gym outfits vs my new ones
my transformation so far 💞 this monday i’m getting my lips done!! woo!!
Thank you guys for the support! Not only have my looks improved but my confidence
(before and after) life is better as a bimbo ☺️💘
Doesn’t everyone love a before/during shot?
So proud of myself !
Before and after done right 😍 (yvonne bar)
1 year difference, I lost weight but my boobs grew several sizes xoxo
before/after bimboification (bottom pics are from today!)
[OC] it’s crazy to look back sometimes..excited to keep progressing
Did rubbing John Harvard’s shoe turn me into a Bimbo? That’s a secret you’ll
First time posting here. On my way to become a prettier toy! 😍
Before and after her bimbofication
Love my progress. Not even close to stopping 😈
I think my (f22) smile is better as a bimbo
What do you think of my transformation? 🤍🎀🤍
An update to my previous before and after ☺️ The girl on the left was insecure,
So proud of my transformation over the years 💋 I love being a bimbo 💗 (OC)
Bimbofication of @bimboamber
The better bimbo I (f22) become the happier I am
Flashback Friday
A year of hard work and lots of protein made these booty gains 🍑 bimbos have big
Big girl with brown hair to busty blonde [OC]
My story! 🥰
My bimbofication from the beginning <3
Anorexia vs now (no surgery yet)
My transformation since june <3
Corrupted Christian GF (OC)
I had to stop posting for a while, I hope you can all forgive me 🥺🥺💕
Same top, bigger tits
Sysak Twins
2015 vs 2020 [oc]
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