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My wife and her boss were on a business trip in Italy when the government imposed
Your wife had only ever fucked one man before you. Your high-school bully. It turns
You're from a small town and when your childhood bully fucked your wife, everyone
Your bully sends a clear message
Mom's Date
You saw this on the football captain's story after a long day at school
Your bully won't stop until he's fucked every woman in your life. Day 6: Your best
I was always to nervous to talk to my crush... Seems my bully got there before me
Your bully decided it was time for him to settle down, so he'd only be fucking 3
When you went to your high school reunion, you were excited to show off to all your
He's been fucking your wife for years, now this?
That's quite an extensive list...
My New Marriage Routine: 7AM-9AM
It sucked knowing my bully was fucking my mom and telling the whole school.. but
I have something to tell you... Sooooo I was hanging out with your bully and.. well
The bully can get any girl he wants at our school.. he uses that power to corrupt
I used to jerk off to the hottest girl at my school's instagram.. now I only do it
Your bully won't stop until he's fucked every woman in your life. Day 12: Your highschool
My daughter said she wishes my bully was her real dad. Now she sent me this video
Ur bully caught your girlfriend walking home and made her pay a street tax
Slut Got Powerfucked
Your mom fucking your work bully accidentally leading her to be the office slut
You should have never taken the bet...
Me and your mom stopped right there man. Trust me 😉
Your insecure fat sister really got a boost from this dick
At least that's what your gf is telling you
He left you alone for awhile but he started tormenting you again, and your gf still
Your girlfriend made it a habit to check on your bully after he hurt his hand punching
Your GF gets around
I couldn't find my girlfriend anywhere! After messaging her hundreds of times, as
What's worse than stumbling across a video your little sister showing off her tits
I woke up at the hospital after my bully sparring partner knocked me out in front
They told you they would. Ever since they found out she was yours.
You convinced your alpha boss to hire your wife as his new secretary. You were buzzing
She wants him to do it more often
Just remember next time you kiss your girlfriend what she has been doing
The bully told me that he matched with my mom on Tinder. I thought for sure that
Your girlfriend went around to convince your bully to be nice to you, turns out he
Your bully made your mom wear shorter skirts...
Your friend Marc used to bully you in high school, but ever since the HS reunion
Your sister isn't a virgin anymore
Your mom and sister are helping you get into that fraternity you wanted to be in
Your wife saves you from your asshole boss
When you started falling late on rent, your alpha landlord decided your girlfriend
Your bully won’t stop until he’s fucked every woman in your life your little
I made a bet with your little sister that she couldn't fit all 9.5 inches of my fat
He makes sure you kiss her after he's done, as well.
Going to the gym has never been so pleasant
"Hey bro lol found your girl at my party. She shouldn't be out alone you know.
The asshole from work got promoted at work, which means he's now your boss. Your
Your girlfriend and bully were invited out to a Halloween party but you weren't.
My Daughter's Hot Girl Summer
Honeymoon nightmare bully gatecrashed my honeymoon
Dealing with your bully's cock is no joke. But your sister is no coward
So I can’t fuck her because she’s your girlfriend? Yeah, fuck off with that bullshit.
Celebrating A Championship
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