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Join the battle for net neutrality!!! We don’t wanna have to pay for reddit!! Do
iPhone 12 does not come with power charger or earbuds in the box
In light of Facebook's whining about Apple, remember that Instagram secretly accessed
Parler app and website go offline; CEO blames Apple and Google for destroying the
Fornite has been removed from the App Store after they implemented direct payments
Phone Calls Will Finally Stop Taking Up the Entire Screen in iOS 14
An iPhone 12 with USB-C would really help with the environment, not a missing charger
Epic Games says Apple is terminating their developer account and will cut them off
A Message to Our Customers
Larry Tesler, the Apple employee who invented cut, copy, paste, dies at 74
The president just called the CEO of Apple ‘Tim Apple’
Apple cancels AirPower product, citing inability to meet its high standards for hardware
Apple says it will kick Parler off the App Store in 24 hours unless content is moderated
I'm giving away an iPhone 12 Pro/Max/Mini to a commenter at random to celebrate Apollo
No, Apple, a slightly bent iPad Pro straight out of the box isn't acceptable
I'm giving away an iPhone 11 Pro to a commenter at random to celebrate Apollo for
Apple kicks Parler off the App Store citing 'threats of violence and illegal activity'
Tim Cook to white supremacists: 'You have no place on our platforms.'
Apple has now terminated Epic's App Store account following legal dispute between
Apple should switch the iPhone to USB-C if it really wants to help the environment
Guys, @tim_cook changed his name to Tim Apple
11 years ago, Steve Jobs 'scrolling' on the first iPhone drew audible gasps from
I've been working on this game for 2 years now and I just discovered that Apple is
Apple Announces AirPods Max Over-Ear Headphones With Noise Cancellation, Priced at
Anyone can login as “root” with empty password on MacOS High Sierra
Jony Ive, iPhone designer, announces Apple departure
I Fought Apple and Won.
#BoycottApple trending as Apple removes Quartz news and HKmap apps from App Store
Apple unveils M1, its first system-on-a-chip for portable Mac computers
Tim Cook on Twitter: “We believe users should have the choice over the data that
Apple says Epic Games CEO wanted a side deal for Fortnite
Thought: Now that iPhone X has face id that works in any light condition, Apple should
Students are failing AP tests because the College Board website can’t handle iPhone
Samsung plans to ditch power adapters just 3 months after mocking Apple over the
iPhone 12 announcement coming Oct. 13.
Apple, look at what you made me do
Introducing Apollo, a brand new Reddit experience for iOS. Gorgeous, iOS centric
Apple launches major new Racial Equity and Justice Initiative projects to challenge
What Apple Watch really needs is a battery that lasts longer than a day
Apple Music announces Spatial Audio and Lossless Audio
Apple CEO becomes chairman of China university board
Ricky Gervais stings Apple for using “sweatshop labor” at Golden Globes with
Facebook warns Apple's iOS 14 could shave more than 50% from Audience Network revenue
iPhone 12 Pro so expensive in India that you can fly to Dubai to buy it, come back,
Apple is acquiring music recognition app Shazam.
Tim Cook calls on FTC to let consumers track and delete their personal data.
Twitter and YouTube Banned Steve Bannon. Apple Still Gives Him Millions of Listeners.
Apple Is Killing A Billion-Dollar Ad Industry With One Popup
Apple is shipping $1000 phones with 64gb base storage while Samsung base storage
Apple cuts App Store commission rate to 15% for many developers with new Small Business
In 2019, Apple needs to change iPhone’s call UI because robocalls are killing us
On the new iPad and the app is Procreate, it’s so satisfying.
So... Apollo made $5,087.23 yesterday. Yeah no joke. Just sent it to the local animal
Apple now globally powered by 100 percent renewable energy
The cheapest iPhone now has a more powerful processor than the most expensive Android
Ex-Apple engineer reveals AirPods Max were planned four years ago
The CLOUD Act would let cops get our data directly from big tech companies like Facebook
Owners of AirPods Pro.Here’s a little FYI. Apple (quietly) issued a recall on all
Facebook and its advertisers are 'panicking' as the majority of iPhone users opt
Apple remastered rainbow logo in a new iMac ad
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