Open Ima

Marine catches his girlfriend messaging guys on Tinder, including a coworker who
A change of mindset...
Single mom wants the man to pay for her child's babysitting and meal or there's no
The mods are busy on Tinder looking for love, so let's get this weekend party started
Classy lady tells guy she's not interested, "no means no" is respected,
An interesting observation on a tweet lamenting the duality of man
"My boyfriend is a good guy, but I resent him for not being able to spoil me."
Monkey branching at it's finest...
Man can have standards also....
It's beginning... Those random... "how you doin"
🤔 if only...
A conversation that needs to happen. And with it maybe we could answer the question
Online dating in a nutshell
Innocent woman perseveres in her attempt to make her ex fiancee realize that he messed
Guy tries to shame Men into dating Single Moms - Hopefully I got my point across
It’s Britney bitch
Attention whore asks "Would you break up with me?" Gets BTFO in the comments
Twitters usually trash but this is gold
How to tell when she's using r/FemaleDatingStrategy.
This woman friendzoned this guy for a whole decade and acts surprised that he's no
Some humor to end the weekend, Yo!
Harry's epic profile
Ok, Karen.
Scooby Dooby denied.
"It's been...84 years...and I can still feel the deep illicit thrusts...of the
All the credit goes to this bloke for dropping that nuke. (Hope I’ve hidden all
Women who dress their kids like this have a 652% chance to fuck on the first date.
It's the weekend. Mods are on strike.
Brace yourself. Hard times are coming... and they'll bring with them women looking
She had it coming...
BPT holding women accountable with another truth bomb.
r/Tinder is woke.
Must make over $300K per year.
Guys on r/Tinder know what's up.
Woman leaves good husband for co worker, figures out grass isn’t greener on the
Car advertisement
Some have been ostracized for years tho
Unfortunate that they wake up *after* the damage has been done.
They need to just rename it Stepdaddy Finder at this point.
He has to be loaded with cash and treat me like a princess while I do nothing
All of a sudden, he's not her type. Utter trash
Titanic chad
Imagine having the courage to ask a stranger on a date, and they say this shit. Bullet
It's the weekend and the mods are practicing social media distancing.
True af
The shocking conclusion.
she's trying to punch above her weight
Grandma commits murder.
It is the weekend, here is another reason to self isolate with my six pack or a bottle
Thanks ladies for a great 2019. Let's make 2020 even better!
Don't take that shot... Bailout$$$$
Consequences are tools of the patriarchy!!
The Marbles have spilled
They say it don't be like that but it do be.
If the shoe fits.
I feel like this should be stickied here
An oldie but a goldie...
Holy crap. This is literally what I have heard people say 100x this sub.
My kings Aiden and Jayden come first
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