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Kirby still being kirby
Don’t be rude! You’re not invited! (Lesbian, monster girl, lamia, snake, digestion)
Comparing meals [MaxiMignon] (Soft)
Nerf this~ [F/F] [Oral] [Unwilling] [Fatal] (Source: AbsoluteVL on Eka's Portal)
Nerf this...
Sweltering, Humid, Slick, Tight, and Oh So Fucking Good ❤️ [?/F]
A fun way to celebrate Easter! (Implied endosoma, source - Lofis on Aryion.)
Russian nesting doll vore (Modeseven)
Big Cozy Suri[F/F][Willing][Lamia]
Snap her choker! [F/?] [Oral] [Same Size]
Eaten by a monster and forced to cum
Making him disappear [F/m] [Neko]
She ate her!
Elastigirl’s Anal Voyd [F/f] [Anal Vore] [Unwilling]
Criminal's Punishment, by cuten [F/F] [Human] [Same Size] [Implied Digestion]
I LOVE the mutual enjoyment in this (Mikethedog) (F/M)
Don't mess with her
“Movie Night” by: shadowfaps (oral Vore, f/f, feet first, lesbian, sex, fatal,
Did a piece I am happy with, now I'm obsessed with translucent preds. [Dragon][Oral][Unwilling][Digestion][Multi-prey][See-through]
Water Slide to Hell! [F/M] [Unwilling Prey]
Their will be absolutely no submissions or discussions that involve minors at all
Kaylena's Roommate[F/F][Willing][Elf/Fairy]
Vore w/ a blowjob
Squeeze, by VeryBatty [?/F] [Internal View] [Human]
Art by BigBig [F/F] [Milf Pred]
Digesting data (Cortana from Halo)
You get what you deserve!
Kaylena's Roommate, by Cuten [F/F] [Size Difference] [Oral] [Soft]
Anyone got more stuff like this
A Snack in a trap [F/f] [Karbo]
The role play ends strange way [F/F] [oral] [OC]
Pick up Delivery, by DarkStarChan [F/F] [Same Size] [Soft]
In Defense of Vorarephiliacs
Petition to not allow “real life” posts
Tight fit
Shygal likes to stuff her meal full of cream first [Futa on Female] [unwilling]
Now you see him, now you don’t - Karbo
Same size vore F/F. Artist: @inuteikoku on twitter
Oops, scuse me~, by 4KKC [F/?] [Digestion] [Lamia] [Oral]
Harley Vore - Karbo
Art by BigBig [BBW][Milf Pred]
Meet Maria Scylla! (OC)(Oral)(Digestion)(Fatal)
Streamer chow~! [F/F] (Source - NiceNoms on Deviantart.)
Rabbit girl, backstory [oral] [furry] [OC]
Does anyone know the artist? Thank you
Who doesn’t love a nice tease ~ (@suzumochi800 on Twitter)
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