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Tower Of Souls, Scott Dow of Corry PA
r/art rejected this so I thought y’all would like it.
Western by me anoxical
What a relief by Sally Hewett (watercolor paper sculpted with darning needle and
Check it out. Submitted this to the Pabst blue ribbon contest guess they didn’t
Last Light by Kim Dorland
Carved avocado pits art , me , 2019
Happy Little Accident. Blender Collision simulation acted weird and i got this result
My grandma's last fight
I like to paint over thrift store artwork. Finally got ahold of a Norman Rockwell.
K.O by me
I draw on Post-it notes.
Repurposed A Fire Log, Working Title “2020”
Someone told me my painting belongs here, so here it is!
What do you guys think of these? Designed by my father
shadow people by me
For a minute there I lost myself by Gaia Alari
Gluttony by Victor Fota, oil on aluminium panel, 2019
Sedentary animal, by me, ceramic sculpture, 2020.
Mt Baker, Me, Blanket Canvas, 2020
Weird stuff by me
Möbius Ship
My first post! I have no clue what I’m doing
Catty Long Legs
Making porridge [OC]
Salvation, my son [OC]
Onward by Parker Steven Jackson
Power of imagination, me, watercolor and ink, 2017
The Strings
My autistic 8 year old son makes movie credits out of his toys, every day
Avocado pits i carved in January of this year (I’m aiming to total 366 carvings
I don't know if this is considered "unusual" but I made these. I'll delete
I drew an alien invasion
a fellow redditor suggested i post this here, it’s still a work in progress. hope
Blossom II, Erik Thor Sandberg, oil on panel, 2017
Extra weird today [OC]
“Fig” the trash frog
When In The Desert, Do As The Cacti Do by me
First piece done after 5 year hiatus.
This rug I created!
Back with some more surreal stuff
The rest of reddit doesn't seem too fond of my art. Maybe this is the place for it?
some [OC] to all the people blindly looking up to celebrities
By Svetlana's HandmadeHome
Banned, Nicola Verlato, oil on linen, 2013
Acrylic Paintings on Hand Mirrors by Me
I made a weird light
Caiga Cutting Her Hair - My me - Digital - 2021
Sunflower Boogie, me, digital (Procreate), 2020
Trippy cells, Fluid art made by me
Compensating by Lisa Lach Neilson, oil on linen, 2019
Eye opener by me Anoxical
My Friends Are Worried About Me
The gate
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