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Listen While I Make Her Cum 14 times in 40 minutes [audio recording]
Getting blown by my high school crush because of my big dick
A guy I couldn't stand became my 'frenemy with benefits' because of his big dick.
My roommate has been hiding his big dick from me for the past three years.
First time with an 8 inch dick
Cashier thought large size condoms were a gimmick. I taught her the truth the hard
Guys, it happened. I fucked my lesbian friend.
A review from a chick with a 40+ body count [7" x 6"]
First time I’ve been genuinely shocked and impressed as a nurse
My husbands hog is what attracted me to him
Husband’s sleeping erection
Urinal Mistake
Two girls asked me to show them my dick
I'm pretty sure my cousin wants to have sex with me [UPDATE] - Something happened...
The day I (f)igured out I was a size queen
Fucked my exes little sister when she found out I had a big dick
My Friend's Big Dick
I Fucked An Epic Cock [FM]
Another update to the whole cousin situation. We had a conversation about that night.
Big and painful
Bragging about my boyfriend's cock
Big brother's girlfriend in awe !
The time I (M25) was touted around a family wedding as a piece of meat
My best friend was packing HEAT!
My Accidental Handjob
So THATS what an orgasm is!
The weirdest thing happened when she orgasmed... [unexpected surprise]
My first time with a big dick - one of the scariest and most rewarding moments of
Wife's co-worker stopped trying to fuck her after she said I had a big dick
The truth comes out in the end. [screencap]
Girl inches
My doctor said I have a big dick.
I thought I'd tell you guys the story of how I lost my virginity to my friends mom
Impressing Her Roommate with the Speed of Orgasm
Continuation of “A really nice guy, a movie....and the hospital”
all because of my cock size
Living every college students dream
Coed Bathrooms
Ever get surprised by how well someone takes it?
The first time I swapped
first time with a large one
Finding Out How Big I Was
True Life: I was a Cuckold in College & I Watched My Girlfriend Take a Big
My ex couldn’t handle that I used to have a fwb with a massive cock
My first boyfriend was so adorably unaware of it and I thought it was my job to keep
[FM] [FMM] How I entertained myself at a boring party.
Jacking me off beside her sleeping boyfriend
Really really nice guy, a movie, a shower, and the hospital
Finding Out I’m Big
My childhood friend who became a PAWG
Just a fun story when I [M] was 18
Boyfriend’s Dick so Big it Somehow Gets Me Off Inside With my Clit?
Rumors spread legs
A [F]riend glanced over [M]
My first girlfriend believed she couldn't orgasm.
Best Friend's Wife
Confronting my brother
Ex gf liked to brag
I'm pretty sure my cousin wants to have sex with me because of my dick.....[UPDATE]
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