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I think a lot of guys masturbate wrong in a way that makes topping more difficult
I've finally done what all tops strive to do.
For any tops who need to hear it: please stop taking dick pics on the toilet
Men who bottom (Gay/Straight/Bi/Cis/Trans/Whatever) are the best things to happen
I hate being belittled as a bottom
First time cumming inside my husband
Is this sub just about bottoms asking dumb questions like, “Do tops like when my
Consider your thrusting angle when topping
Tops, do you like when a bottom has an anus?
RANT: Fuck off if you think "stealthing" is sexy
There’s just nothing better than feeling a bottom’s arched back and soft cheeks
As a gay man, average dicks are much better than large ones
Makes sense to me
Bottom appreciation post: You guys are amazing
Bottom: I experienced the top Grunt OMG
PSA to all horny tops: Slow down.
Unpopular opinion: I don't like tops that don't suck dicks
My boyfriend forces me to cum while I'm bottoming for him and I love it.
Submissive bottoms, do you prefer when your top degrades you (calls you his little
men who love to eat ass... you are appreciated
“Horse Fair” - my experience as a “mare”
I had the nicest sex with a Top in my life
Had my first time and now I’m addicted
Topping is just the best, damn
Omg fantasy fulfilled!
Please PLEASE don’t pretend you can take dick for hours
Hurts too much to get fucked? Here is the advice I got from a doctor when I was 18:
I love that my husband won't let me top
Ass just feels so good
Took raw cock for the first time
One of my newly developed kinks is fucking my man and loading him before he has to
So I was chatting with my fuck buddy and I realized that I love fucking guys more
Bottoms know your worth!
I just remembered how good it gelt to eat an asshole
Do anyone like when the Top gets all sweaty while fucking you and dripping over you?
Learned to edge my bf with my hole
How many bottoms here are pretty masculine presenting in their life but are absolutely
Do you sometimes grab your dick when going to bed not to stroke but cuz it feels
Finally bottomed properly & idk how to feel about being “turned out”
Any love for a 6'7" bottom?
PSA: GET TESTED! I'm positive for Gonorrhoea and/or Chlamydia without symptoms.
As a top, my main goal is to make my bottom cum. Is this an unpopular opinion?
How to be a Great Top (from a bisexual vers top perspective)
Born to Fuck
Small cock bottoms are so amazing
Most Annoying Things As A Bottom
The Tyranny of Judging Dick Size By Length Only and Why Guys Should Brag About Dick
Who just loves the missionary position?
(Update) My Boyfriend's Dick Is Huge. Please Help.
I've been so happy since I've accepted the fact that I like dick.
So I got pegged by this girl, and well...
Bottoms, Do you shit immediately after a Top cums in your ass or let it sit there
If you're fucking me bare, don't pull out!
Had my first prostate orgasm last night
Would you suck your Top’s dick right after it’s been raw in your ass?
Addicted to breeding my BF
Rimming me is now mandatory before fucking me
I love being a bottom!
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