Open Ima

Muahaha! I outsmarted her!
The box wasn't empty
A less conventional way to catch felines.
I put this down to sweep the floor and accidentally made a cat trap
My SO laid out her crochet project on the floor to measure it. Not even 30 seconds
He dragged the box all the way over to me to show me it worked!!
It's time for some real cat traps
Imaginary cat trap
Cleaned the aquarium and 5 minutes later...
He realized the box he entered is no longer stationary
The fire alarm in our building used to go off several times a month. He knew the
So predictable
Threw my belt on the floor. Trap working as intended.
A trap for each cat
Important update
My niece is fostering kittens, and her daughter left a toy on the floor
Caught this foster potato this morning
I’ll just lay here quietly and no one will see me
My girlfriend made me correct it
My cat went missing for a half an hour while i was rushing to go to work. I didn’t
He knows his worth
I have never met a cat who loves cat traps as much as Gary.
The tentacle trap is working
The cat trap worked better than expected
Filed under T for Trouble
The unexpected guest fit so perfectly in this cattrap including the tail.
Dose this count?
Trapped my cat by putting 2 pieces of paper on the floor and waited. (hope this qualifies...)
I caught a double. How rare.
When I look in to her eyes, all I see is death. She's laid a trap for me.
This trap is small and broken but still working
Just an old lady with her “blankie”. Her favorite possession.
I haven't even built it yet
A bit literal, but I think it counts.
Does this count as a trap?
This portable trap with a convenient handle works very well
Even a gap amongst the fallen petals...
I received the happiest scream when I walked into the room and found her in this
Couldn't find my kitty. Finally we lie down in bed and my bf calls her one last time
Refused to use his new bed until now - check mate buddy
Kiwi 🥝 falls for the smallest of traps. Just two pieces of mail on the stair waiting
Does this count?
Damn Almonds
this is Apple. Apple likes hands.
This fish is weird
Prison break!
The family cat likes to sleep in my pants.
Open the box!
Captured the Entire Gang
Every damn time we order pizza...
bought a mixing bowl, they delivered a cat bed.
Warm traps are best traps
Two cats. Two traps. Later two naps.
clearly trapped he is
Natural cat trap
Jimmy Johns Muffin Trap is working
Perfect Fit!
Trying to get out of helping with the groceries!
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