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Put together a tea party for my quarantine pals!
Elevenses. [800x800] [OC]
Crème brûlée black tea and a rich chocolate layer cake makes for a delightful
Late night teatime
Comfort Hot Cocoa and Rose Chai ---- I'm LIVING off of this!
Fancy Teatime with Deluxe Chocolate Truffle Cupcakes!
Moonlight White tea in a custom Yixing
An afternoon black tea in the foggy garden.
I mentioned an interest in tea to my gf's relatives in Taiwan and came back with
60 years and ~220,000 cups of tea - and still going strong! [3264x2448]
Double Earl Grey Linzer Cookies 💕💕
Rose Milk Tea Dalgona ~ Valentines Inspired
Amaranth Blooming Green Tea [OS] [2848x2820]
My favorite spot in my home, my tea corner (upcycled cabinet also full of various
London Fog Latte (Earl Grey ♡)
Just two teapots. :D
Found the perfect tiny cutting board to serve as a coaster for my hot tea pot. [480x480]
My Earl Grey from this morning
Almond milk matcha latte during a rush (by a coworker of mine)
Repackaged and labelled everything today. Green and black on the bottom, Rooibos,
Polish tea set for one!
Peach apricot loose leaf tea
My first “at home” afternoon tea. Go easy on me :)
Breakfast with Fujian Anxi milk oolong and onigiri [oc]
Anyone else find the crackle in celadon teaware satisfying? [OC]
1979 Aged Oolong - Yilan, Taiwan
[OC] My updated tea corner
[OC] Longjing Tea Terraces, Hangzhou
Yellow Buds from Yunnan. Love watching that little dance the leaves make when they
Tea with milk and a startled kitten [1035x772]
A few weeks ago we decided to break out the fine china and have a tea party
Tisane time!  Butterfly pea / nam dok anchan
Russian style. Zavarka (concentrate) made from Shampanskaja flavoured black tea,
spooky tea party
Tea on the porch in the evening
Tea shelf [OC][1373x1318]
Made honey cookies for my afternoon teatime. Love this teapot!
One slightly overfull cup of Huang Guan Yin Oolong
Daily cup of matcha
Tie Louhan by Sazen tea.
Got this gorgeous cup from Etsy and took a little photoshoot
[1470 x 1808] Tea & Hot Cocoa Charcuterie - Peppermint Puerh & Comfort
Midnight shou puer in the garden
This stunning Benjarong cup and saucer set. A belated mother's day pressie for my
The Elephant in the Room [898x917]
Having some Lonfengxia high mountain oolong that arrived today
Lavender Earl Grey (with drizzle of honey) and fall leaves
My buddy loves his pu'er tea
Wood fired Jianzhan
Tea Party for One, Complete with Fresh Fruit and Cookies!
Zhuni Teapot Family
I came up with this and just wanted to share!
A Photo Of Three Clay Teapots I Took For My Blog Today
Monday Morning Matcha Latte [OC][OS][1252x1024]
My tea room
Afternoon Tea I drew at my place in the evening :) The tea pot carries Assam (Fortnum&Mason)
Got out one of my mom's sets for some summer sips!
Another tea with insanely good looking leaves, late winter Cui Feng White tea
I like my paragon teacups the way I like my men: double warrants.
Handmade clay tea pet cup Jingdezhen teaware
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