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One hot day in July, I caught glimpse of a landscape painter in the field north of
Lucerne, Switzerland, on a clear summer day. Switzerland is beautiful.
Sunflowers at the farm [OC] [1536x1920]
Beautiful summer morning in rural Minnesota 4032x3024 [OC]
Ready for summer in wisconsin
Glacier National Park, Montana [2239 × 1493]
"When summer arrives in Iceland, we make the most of it. Then, when those five
A summer evening in Yellowstone [OC] [3288x2184]
Cape Range, Western Australia [OS]
Wheat field in Finland [2048x1249]
Just a regular summer day on Amalfi Coast, Italy. [OC]
Favourite hike this summer at Joffre Lakes, Canada [OC] [6000x4000]
Summer fields in Slavonia, Croatia [OC] [2400 x 1309]
Enjoying the longest beach on the wonderful Mediterranean
Corfu island, Greece. Beautiful cove in Liapades [OC].
Val D'Orcia, Italy
Perfect sand and transparent water in Crete, Greece
Perfect summer day in wisconsin
This happens in Seattle... Sometimes [720x480]
Laurissilva Forest on the Portuguese island Madeira [1600×1068][OS - Martin Podt]
Achriabhach, Scotland [6720x4480]
Awesome colors of Corfu island, Greece.
A brilliant August sunset beams through the Uncompahgre River valley, San Juan Mountains,
The beautiful Norwegian summer. [5604x3736] [OC]
Mountains seen from Røvassdalen (dalen = valley), Norway [5375×2993][OS]
Beautiful fields and rolling hills about 40 miles south of Buffalo, NY [4032 x 3024]
Emerald mountain lake in Austria [9118x5163] (by Alexander Burkhardt)
Hot southern farm road. South Carolina. (OC) (1200x800)
Colorado Lake [3264x2448]
Come back summer. I miss you.
Vanhankylänniemi, Järvenpää, Finland. [OC] [3848x5772]
Summer in Manitoba, Canada (photo by "Pyrheliometer") [2000x1473]
Antrim County, Northern Michigan[6000x4000][OC][OS]
Hydrangeas in Nantucket [960 x1280]
Summertime on the farm...WestVirginia[3008 x 2000][OC]
Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming [OC] [2160 x 1080]
My dad took this insane picture, and I just had to post it - Crested Butte, Colorado
Summer Evening in Lake Tahoe, [OC] [8256x5526]
The Night of the Ancient Lights, late August, Finland [2808x1872]
A lush green creek [OC][3264x2448]
Gorgeous sunset at a fishing pond in Glenwood, NY [4032 x 3024] [OC]
Voted as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world - White beach, Boracay Island,
Took this photo of some teenagers at the fireworks last night. Gives me a cool nostalgic
Summer sunset on Corolla Beach
Hillside in Oregon. [6016x2527][OC]
[OC] Camping in an old gypsum quarry - Brooklyn, NS [1209X680)
Fields of Bavaria, Germany [1188x792][OC]
You know summer is here when........
Hiking The Narrows, Zion National Park, UT [OC] [1836x3264]
The amazing blue water of Pulau Kapas, Malaysia [OC] [2965 × 1967]
Deep in the mountains of Georgia, early morning [OC][1632 x 2176]
Noble-Contrée (Valais, Switzerland) [1680x1050] [OC]
My backyard, Bozeman MT [OC] (2048x1365)
Dune in the Summer, Landes, France [OC] [3096x3578]
It's already summer in Istanbul, Turkey (1000x500)
A highland cattle enjoying Finnish summer [1920x2400]
Summer in Hallstatt, Austria [5616 × 3744]
Blueberries (photo by Kathleen Mavourneen) [2814x1884]
Summer Storm - Northern Iowa, USA [4992x3328] [OC]
Zen | Kyoto | Japan [OC][5914 x 3026]
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