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Think real hard about what these are called.
Handy tip for packing bowls.
Here's a poster I made a while ago. Just some stoner etiquette.
PRO TIP: If you are in the US, ALWAYS carry this around with you
Your phone or pipe is on your lap, don't drop it when you stand up.
Try not to stash weed in 1998 and forget about it👍🏻
Double check your address on Door dash before getting stoned. I ended up sending
Container that fits a lighter, a one hitter, AND at least one inch of weed in a bag.
Trees told me this was a good place to post this: Always remember Ents
r/trees already had this one but it deserved to be on here ;)
I was Diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in 2015. I started smoking weed.
Some tips I WISH someone had told me when I first started.
The ULTIMATE new-to-smoking guide.
What I personally consider the number 1 rule for all ents...
If you ever get Krispy Kreme glazed donuts, use your dab torch to brulee the sugary
Don't get caught because you didn't take this simple step...
Smoke In Your Room! Activated Carbon Sploof Tutorial
Just a list of tips and tricks that I've learned by smoking reguarly while studying
Fail better.
I thought this SubReddit was a good idea....
If you're like me and you like to smoke a doobie after work, remember to
The French Hat, a.k.a How To Properly Close a Joint. :)
The Shower Method
Just a few drops on the carpet will leave your room smelling like bubblegum even
Random pro tips-thread
Pro-Tip: Now is the perfect time of year to order smoking-related items to your house
Efficient way to smoke kief
Protip: use chopsticks to keep the orange crap off your fingers
There's one MASSIVE piece of smoking etiquette I have yet to see mentioned here.
If you live in Georgia and you’re tired of worrying about the cops.
Add a straw to your waterfall bong to make it self-filtering.
Buy this shit. That is all
Had to move back in with mom. 😪 If ya know, ya know.
Kief to Hash tutorial (X-post from r/trees)
He chillin thats life
When I Try to Stop
Started making these for 420 related events. I call them Chronic Care Packages
Why I save my stems
For all you one hitters
Do your joints keep going out in these April Showers?
From r/trees.  I thought the top comment belonged here.
I like to get high with my boyfriends cat
be courteous when smoking in a group. hit it like this
Grab a $10 tackle box from the Wal to wrangle all your paraphernalia in one place.
just got a new rolling tray
Never change your passwords when you're stoned ever. Ever.
Pick up dropped Ash by licking your finger to avoid smudging
ProTip: Always have a good spot.
A pretty good way to pass a drug test. It's worked for me and some friends.
How to roll a joint when the glue on the paper won't stick.
Stay high all the time
A convenient way to load your bong bowls without having to load your bud at an awkward
SPT: One hitter too hot?  Wrap a napkin around it, smoke away!
Handy ashtray my friends making really trips me out ngl
Advice for newbies
Oldest trick in the book for weed storage.
Munchies tip: Use small spoons. You get too eat for so much longer. [7]
Wanna know how full your regular sized Bic lighter is?
ENTs This is How You Dunk Your OREOs
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