Open Ima

[F29] When I was penetrated onstage in front of an unsuspecting audience
i (25/f) gifted my best friend (22/f) a dildo in the mold of her brothers (my boyfriend)
Gave The Fat Guy A Blow-Job To Prove a Point.
My (former) friend fucked my husband, so I'm fucking her son
I (F22) am a Nurse who “accidentally” flashes and occasionally gives blowjobs
(F 19) My neighbour finally fucked me after a month of flashing to him daily from
I am a (formally) straight girl (22) who's been eating my roommates pussy almost
Bernie Sanders Blowjob
[25F] I gave my boyfriend permission to order me give him a blowjob once a week,
Disabled doesn't mean boring
I(26f) taught my best friends brother how to fuck to spite his abusive ex gf
As an (F 18) Bartender, I got way more tips and compliments after going commando
(M26) My girlfriend and I openly have sex in front of her friend who lives with us
Fun fact (F24): The best orgasm I've ever had was from a lactating, pregnant mom
I spent the whole day at school with a dildo inside me
As a female kindergarten teacher (F 23), I get turned on when the dads or other teachers
Neighbor’s kid paid me so he could suck my tits
Relax, it’s just a handjob...
[F23] I am a "straight" woman who eats her roommates ass almost every night.
Holding an anal creampie for my wedding
[F26] The good Christian girl next door [F19] watches me when I’m naked, and I’ve
I enjoyed sleeping with my boyfriend's cock in my mouth
Whelp I (22F) just got paid $100 to give the dad next door a blowjob
F(43) My husband and I share a secret...
My hairdresser rubbed herself off on my hand
I once cried during sex because it was the first time someone was soft
[23F] My husband and I bought a house with a gloryhole.
I'm (f24) loving life because I'm an absolute slut for my boyfriend
My[29F] work picture is lewd and nobody knows it.
(F 18) My blinds in my apartment broke, so I’ve been flashing to my neighbors for
I [M 35] banged Ariana Marie on a commercial flight for 3 hours straight while passengers
(20, F) too cheap to pay rent, so regularly fucking my 2 housemates instead
[29F] I changed my tinder bio to “I’ll fuck the first match to message me tonight.”
I (F) was one of five slaves owned by a group of guys during my gap year
I let the supermarket delivery driver use my bathroom this morning
I [F 20] am free use to my neighbour [M 37]
I [F24] fucked a cucumber and fed it to my mother in law
F34 - I jerk off my husband to pictures of his college students
I[F32] have fucked pretty much everybody who stays with me.
A guy [20m] from work found my [19f] nsfw reddit
My mouth is [F]ree use for all of my friends
Please stop judging people for their confessions. Don't follow slutty confessions
I (F24) got high with my neighbor's daughter (F19) and let her squirt in my face
I (18F) heard my friends parents talk about how they wanted to fuck me while they
i sent a video of me getting fucked to my boyfriend because he cheated on me. (f18)
I sent a naughty pic to the wrong guy. He came over and fucked me the way I deserved.
I let my roomate think I slept through her blowjob.
For over 10 years I've been a stand in cock in porn, plus I do their computer stuff.
I (23F) decided to be a blowjob fairy and gave my friend's little brother a birthday
[F21] When I was in college I became a single mom with twins. Sucked a lot of dick
I (43M) got my dick sucked by a 19f I met while hiking in the woods
My (f) roommate and I (22f) have secretly been having sex after our boyfriends leave.
Call me pretty and I’ll suck your dick
I [F] took dirty pictures in the photo booth at my work party and they were projected
33f - Even if a guy I'm having sex with is small I moan, "you're so big for
I [31F] am married and use this site regularly to scratch itches I otherwise can't
28F - Once a week, I go on a 'slut' walk
26F Just had a mutual masturbation session with my neighbour during isolation.
I take slices of bread from the middle of the loaf instead of what's on top because
i’ve (f 19) been flashing my neighbor (m 40) since covid and now i want to fuck
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