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🔥 Lenticular clouds, Chile. Credit: Michael Fung
Shorncliffe Pier, Brisbane❣️
I call this little project "Electric Skies"
Undulatus asperatus clouds over Harrodsburg, Kentucky
Istanbul, Turkey
A thunderstorm seen from space at 37,000 feet!!🤯🌩🌩
You only have one life
Watching the arresting sunset from a canoe on a river in Maine! Happy New Year everyone!
Under the skies of Israel
Insane mammatus clouds at sunset with some of the best colours I’ve ever seen 😍
Stunning iridescent clouds snapped above skies of Siberia's Belukha mountain
Northern Lights, Norway.
Spanish Mediterranean
Lake Bled, Slovenia
More love is needed in the world right now, that we can all be sure of! ❤️ Paris,France
Southern Greenland
Mildly aesthetic rainbow sky
Northern Norway
Someone told me to post it here. Just a pic of the Moon and clouds I took yesterday
Tenerife, Spain
Clouds Covering Half The Sky In India
A Midwinter Night's Dream
Stunning bright green meteor captured in Southern India 💫 Photo and caption by
Above the clouds.
Thunderstorm caused by the phreatic eruption in the Philippines (January 2020)
Thunderstorm clouds on approach to JFK airport
L.A. in the A.M. This is a time-lapse photo I took a couple of months ago
Beach in Australia
Lenticular cloud over Torres del Paine, Chilean Patagonia.
Hammerfest, Northern Norway
The beautiful Swedish sky
A beaut Glasgow autumn morning
Aperatus clouds, New Zealand
Edinburgh, Scotland
Sunset camel ride along the beach in Australia
West Texas sure does have its own magic. (OC)
Northern Lights above Austnesfjorden summit in northern Norway
Moon moon moon.
Kyoto, Japan
Winter in Finland
Lake Tahoe with no light pollution other than three clicks of my flash
Florida sky porn
Sky over Glasgow this morning
The clouds never looked so good from a flight
Edinburgh, Scotland
Storm chasing over West Texas photo credit Laura Rowe
Alpenglow in texas
Bursa, Turkey.
The reddest I’ve ever seen the sky, Black’s Beach, CA.
Gudbrandsdalen, Norway
The Evening Sky in Alberta, Canada
Nice Sky Above This Indian Temple
Somewhere in California
Mammatus clouds over Germany.
Clouds on a sunny evening in Mirpur, Kashmir. [OC]
The sky was on fire during our evening walk. It was breathtaking.( in the Netherlands)
One of my favorite photos I took, look how fluffy is it ! Tbilisi-Georgia (Galaxy
The sky in Japan before the typhoon
mammatus clouds
Milky Way & lenticular cloud (or UFO?) reflected on lake in Western Washington
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